For businesses who use people search and cold calling in their sales and marketing process, the BellesLink Pro and Business plan brings everything you need into one app.

You no longer have to subscribe to multiple web apps to go from a people search to a phone call contact. Using just BellesLink you can search a current phone number for a lead and get them on the phone, with just a few clicks.

If you want to scale your workflow, you can batch skip trace a list and send it to the our built-in sales dialer, to make your cold calling fast and efficient.

BellesLink combines the highest quality data available to small businesses with easy to use search, phone, and text tools that work right in your web browser.

Let’s walk through the features included in the BellesLink Pro and Business plans.

BellesLink Pro and Business Plan Monthly Limits

Both the Pro and Business Plans include all the features available in the BellesLink app: phone and text tools, the contact dialer, batch search, and single searches.

The monthly limits differ between the plans.

  • The Pro plan includes 500 monthly call minutes, the Business plan includes 2,000.
  • The Pro plan includes 2 local phone numbers, the Business plan includes 5.
  • The Pro plan includes 25 single searches per month. The Business plan includes 100.
  • In all our plans, batch search is Pay Per Search.

Phone and Texting Tools

One of the things that makes BellesLink unique is our phone and text system. Combined with our people searches and batch searches, our virtual phone features let you find contact information for a customer and contact them by phone or text, all in one app.

A Phone and Text System

Our virtual phone and text system is full-featured and includes all the essentials you would expect from any business phone system.

  • Local & Toll Free Numbers
  • Inbound/Outbound Calls
  • Unlimited Voicemail
  • Unlimited Call Recording
  • Custom Messages
  • Local & Toll Free Numbers
  • Send & Receive SMS texts

Phone and Text Features

Calls Page
The Calls Page is a log of all the inbound and outbound calls, voicemails and recorded calls. From here you can return a call, send a text, listen to call recordings, listen to voicemails, read and download voicemail transcripts.

Place Calls Page
The Place Calls page is where you make outbound calls directly through your web browser.
For the best call experience, it’s helpful to have a microphone headset.

Before you place a call, you choose the phone number and caller ID you want to use, if your account has multiple phone numbers. You can also choose to record the call. Call recording is free and unlimited.

Adding Local Numbers
Pro plan subscribers get one phone number with their account, Business plan customers get three. Additional numbers can be added to any account. To add a local number go to Set Up / Add Local Numbers.

Number Set Up
When you add a number, you’ll want to set it up with voicemail messages, calling forward, etc. Go to Set Up / Number Set up to get access to those settings. In the Exchange, you’ll find a detailed number set up tutorial.

Sending a Text
Throughout BellesLink, anytime you see a linked phone number you can rollover it and get an action menu with links to make a call or send a text to that number.

When you choose Send a Text, you’ll be taken to the Send Text page. Before you send your text, you’ll choose the phone number and caller ID you want to use. Then you’ll enter your message and push send.

Inbound texts will show up on the Text Results page where you can see all your text conversations.

Watch a detailed tutorial about our virtual phone and text system »

Contact Dialer a Single Line Sales Dialer

The BellesLink Contact Dialer, a single line sales dialer, is included with our phone and text system. The Contact Dialer is the perfect tool anytime you need to call a list of people. Avoiding manual number dialing will save you 30 seconds per call and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your cold-calling.

If your business makes a lot of phone calls, a preview dialer is something you should consider adding to your workflow because it can save you a lot of time and improve the return on investment, or ROI, of your calling campaigns.

Watch a detailed tutorial about the Contact dialer »

Batch People Search

Batch people search is used to append current phone numbers, addresses, and emails to your list of customer contacts. BellesLink batch search is easy to use with streamlined list import and results export tools that help you manage your valuable data.

Batch search results include:

No Disconnected Numbers
BellesLink Batch search results return up to five good phone numbers per search. We test each number to make sure each one we give you is a working number.

A Caller ID for Every Number
We include a caller ID for every number. When cold calling this is a critical piece of information. It tells you who will be answering your phone call.

The caller ID also tells you which number to call first. The number with the caller ID that matches the person you searched is almost always the best number.

The Phone Type: Wireless or Landline
Of course, we also tell you the phone type for every number in your batch search results. It will either be wireless or landline.

The Most Current Address
Our batch search results also include an updated current address. The address you search for maybe in the person’s address history, but it might not be the most current address.

Up to 5 Email Addresses
We return up to five emails with every search result. While phone calls are the best way to contact a customer, emailing can still be a valuable point of contact.

Use Batch Search and the Contact Dialer Together

The fastest and easiest way to begin calling the phone numbers in your batch search results is to send them to the Contact Dialer. With one click you can create a call list with every number organized and ready to call.

Watch a detailed tutorial about batch searches »

Single People Searches

Single people searches are the heart of people search. We call them single searches because, unlike a batch search, they are searches you do one at a time. To use them, you manually enter the search inputs, such as a name and an address or a property address. There are two categories of single searches, people-focused and asset focused.

Single People Searches
People-focused searches, such as people search, reverse address search, or reverse number search start with different search inputs, but they all return information about a person. In BellesLink, a people search result includes phone numbers, an address history, emails, associates, relatives, property records, and business records.

Single Asset Searches
Asset-focused searches, such as property, business, and debt profile, are often a starting point to search a person. You can look up a property by address and find the owners of that property, or look up a business to find the registered agent, then move to a people search to find their contact information.

Single Search Results Are Deeper

In both people searches and asset searches, you get back rich, deep search results. For instance, a single people search result is 5-10 times deeper than a batch search result.

People search results include:

  • Names and alias
  • Date of birth and deceased flag
  • Mobile phone numbers
  • Landline phone numbers
  • Address history with associated phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Possible Relatives
  • Possible Associates
  • Properties records
  • Businesses records

By contrast, a batch search result only returns phone numbers, emails, and a most current address, in a single best result.

Watch a detailed tutorial about single people searches »

From Lists to Leads

For businesses who use people search, BellesLink has all the essential tools needed to go from a contact list to qualified leads, eliminating the hassle of using three or four different systems to do the same job.

If you use a customer relationship manager, CRM, such as Zoho or Podio, to run your sales process, then you know you only want to bring qualified leads into your system. BellesLink is the perfect pre-CRM tool for searching, contacting, and qualifying your leads.

The Pro plan will help you make more contacts by giving you the phone, text, and dialer tools you need to turn your search results into conversations. The Business plan will let you scale your workflow with higher monthly limits on searches, call minutes, and texts.

Watch the tutorial for a complete overview of the Pro and Business plans. If you have any questions about which plan is right for your business, contact us by phone or email.