Business Plan

A skip tracing platform for business

Finding and contacting your next customer is easier when skip tracing, phone calls, text messaging, and contact management is all in one place.

  • Premium skip tracing and people searches
  • Phone calls, sales dialer, and text messaging
  • Contact manager with unlimited contacts
  • 100 searches, 2,000 call minutes, 2,000 texts
  • $75 per user, per month

More searches, more contacts, more results.

Use batch and people searches.

Put skip tracing to work

Combine batch skip tracing and people searches to create a steady flow of customer contacts into your business.

Batch people search appends good phone numbers to your list.

Build a system for results

Use local numbers and custom messages to create and capture opportunities.
People search helps you make quality contacts.

Make quality contacts

Increase your number of contacts, not just your number of calls, by flowing data into the contact dialer.

Skip tracing platform - Business Plan demo

Watch an overview of the Business Plan to learn how to find and contact more customers with the BellesLink skip tracing platform.

Premium skip tracing data

A BellesLink provides you with the best, top-tier data available to small businesses. Our skip tracing platform contains data on over 98% of adults in the USA—more than 120 billion records. Searches give you current phone numbers, addresses, emails, and more, so you can make contact with more customers.

The BellesLink skip tracing platform includes premium data.

Batch skip tracing search

A batch skip tracing search is the first step to turning your list of people into new customers. Our premium data search returns the information you need to make quality contacts. We test every phone number to determine the good working numbers so you don’t waist time calling disconnected numbers.

Batch search is seamlessly connected to the Contact Manager CRM so you can organize your contacts and keep track of your work. Export options help you use your results with other software.

About batch skip tracing search »
These are the features included in batch skip tracing searches.

Premium people searches

Whether you are searching for current phone numbers, current addresses, property records, or business records, you’ll find the information you need in our premium people searches.

About people searches »
The types of people searches included in BellesLink

Contact Manager CRM

The Contact Manager is the heart of the BellesLink platform. It gives you an easy way to import and organize your customer contacts, make phone calls, and send texts. Contact records can hold all the information you need, including multiple phone numbers, addresses, emails, and custom fields.

About the contact manager CRM »
The contact manager has features to help you organize your skip tracing contacts.

Business phone system

Small businesses use people search for different reasons, but contacting the customer is always the goal. That’s why the BellesLink platform combines premium people search with a business phone system. Putting people search and phone together, makes finding and contacting customers easier.

About the business phone system »
Our phone features help you turn skip traces into customer contacts.

Two-way text messaging

Two-way text messaging is a great way to contact customers. Texting is perfect for short introductions, reminders, and follow-ups. In BellesLink you can text your contacts from inside their contact records or you can manage all your text conversations from the Messaging screen.

About two-way text messaging »
Use text to make contact with people on your skip tracing list.

Bulk text messaging

Contact all the customers on your list at once with bulk text messaging. Upload your list, create your message, and send. It’s that easy. You can personalize your bulks texts with first and last names, and schedule them for a later date and time.

About bulk texting messaging »
Bulk text is an efficient way to contact you skip tracing list.

The Contact Dialer

Send your batch search results directly to the dialer or import a list and you’re ready to begin calling. Our single-line preview dialer lets you control the pace of the calls. Use a drop message to leave voicemails. Record your calls, too. The dialer runs in a web browser and doesn’t require your office or mobile phone to connect.

About the Contact Dialer »
Contact dialer features help you organize your cold calls to skip tracing contacts.

What’s included with a Business Plan subscription?

Batch Skip Tracing Search

Pay as you go
19¢ /search

Premium People Searches

 100 Included /mo

Contact Manager CRM

Unlimited Contacts

Phone Calls Contact Dialer Text Messaging Bulk Texting

2,000 call minutes /mo
2,000 texts /mo
Free inbound texts
5 phone numbers

Available to qualified businesses

BellesLink is the perfect people search platform for small businesses. Review our account qualifications and permissible use for details.

Account Qualifications and Permissible Use »

A skip tracing platform to find and contact customers

Finding your next customer is easier when skip tracing, phone calls, text messaging, and contact management is all in one place. 

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