Business Plan

An all-in-one people search platform to help grow your business.

The Business Plan includes everything you need to find and contact people and customers. Put people search to work in your business.

  • Premium people search and batch search
  • Contact manager with unlimited contacts
  • Phone calls, contact dialer, and text messaging
  • 100 searches, 2,000 call minutes, 600 texts
  • Free inbound texts
  • 5 phone numbers

More than just people search. A platform to find and contact.

Enrich your list

Use people searches and batch search to enrich your contact list with phone numbers, addresses, emails, and more.

Work your contacts

Upload your list to the contact manager. Searches, calls, texts, notes and reminders link to your contacts to keep your work organized.

Create conversations

Make calls and send texts on your own local and toll-free numbers to create conversations.

Link together

Your work—searches, calls, texts, notes, and reminders — is linked to your contacts and searchable across the platform.

Work online or mobile

BellesLink works where you do, on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop. No mobile app is needed.

Export it all

When your work is done, export your contacts, calls, searches, notes, and activity for use with other apps.

What’s included with a Business Plan subscription?

Premium People Searches

100 Included /mo

Batch Search

Pay as you go
19¢ /search

Contact Manager

Unlimited Contacts

Phone Calls, Contact Dialer, Text Messaging

2,000 call minutes /mo
600 texts /mo
Free inbound texts
5 phone numbers

Powerful features to find and contact customers.

Premium people searches

BellesLink provides small businesses with the best premium data available, comprised of thousands of sources and billions of records. Whether you are doing batch search, or searching for current phone numbers, addresses, emails, property records, or business records, you’ll find the information you need in our premium people searches.

About people searches »
The types of people searches included in BellesLink

Batch search

Use batch search to append good phone numbers, addresses, and emails to your list. Our premium data search returns the information you need to make quality contacts. Seamlessly import your batch search results into to the Contact Manager to put your data to work. Export options make it easy to use your results with other software.

About batch search »
These are the features included in batch skip tracing searches.

Contact Manager

The Contact Manager keeps everything connected. Use it to organize your contacts into groups and keep track of your work. Create contacts from an imported list, a batch search, or a people search. Searches, calls, texts, notes, and reminders automatically link to contacts. Custom fields and tags help you track what’s important to your business. BellesLink people search helps you find contact information, our Contact Manager helps you put it to work.

About the contact manager »
The contact manager has features to help you organize your skip tracing contacts.

Business phone system

Use BellesLink to create your virtual office. Setup is simple, with everything you need to make a great impression when you call, and they call you back. Our 100% digital system means call quality is always excellent. Local and toll-free numbers are included, along with unlimited voicemail and unlimited call recording. Generous monthly call minutes mean you can always make the call. Call handling options assure every call is answered and important messages are never missed. The BellesLink business phone system, combined with our people search, makes finding and contacting easier for you.

About the business phone system »
Our phone features help you turn skip traces into customer contacts.

Text messaging

Text messaging is a great way to start conversations and stay in contact. BellesLink helps you use texting in your business while maintaining compliance with industry regulations. Inbound texts sent to you are FREE and up to 600 outbound texts are include in the monthly plan. Add a toll-free texting number to your account at no additional cost. Create custom opt-in keywords to match your campaign. The Contact Manager links texts to your contacts, so you can always continue the conversation. The BellesLink platform helps you build your texting opt-in list and helps you build your business.

About text messaging »
Use text to make contact with people on your skip tracing list.

Contact Dialer

Use the Contact Dialer to quickly make calls to a group of contacts. Import a list, create one from a batch search, or from your existing contacts. The dialer helps you speed through calls by detecting disconnected numbers. Add a drop message to leave voicemails in the background while you move on to the next call. The dialer is designed for efficiency so you can easily save your results, make notes, tag contacts, and set callback reminders. All your work is saved and linked to each contact you call. When you‘re enriching your contacts with phone numbers from people and batch searches, the BellesLink platform makes it quick and easy to call your list.

About the Contact Dialer »
Contact dialer features help you organize your cold calls to skip tracing contacts.

Tutorials to help you get started quickly

Learn how to use BellesLink batch search, upload your list, and how to work with your search results.
View more batch search tutorials »

Use our Contact Manager to import your lists and batch search results into contact groups to organize your work.
View more contact manager tutorials »

Available to qualified businesses

BellesLink is the right people search platform for many small businesses. Review our account qualifications and permissible use for details.

Account Qualifications and Permissible Use »

A people search platform to find and contact people or customers

Finding and contacting is easier when people search, batch search, phone calls, text messaging, and contact management are all in one place.

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