Fast, accurate, and affordable batch search.

BellesLink batch search is a fast, accurate, and affordable way to append good phone numbers, emails, and addresses to your contact list. When you use BellesLink you get the best, top-tier data available to small businesses for an affordable pay-per-search price.

Premium data

BellesLink provides you with the best, top-tier data available to small businesses. Our premium batch search and people search data is comprised of thousands of sources and billions of records. Our searches give you current phone numbers, addresses, emails, and more, so you can make contact with more customers.

Accurate search results

BellesLink delivers accurate batch search results quickly so you can put the data to work in your business. No minimum sized batch is required.

Our easy-to-use list uploader eliminates spreadsheet hassles and our Contact Manager helps you organize your search results into contacts and groups. Robust export options make it easy to use your data with other apps.

Every batch search result includes:

  • Up to 5 good phone numbers, per person
  • Caller ID and phone type for each number
  • The most current address for each person
  • Up to 3 good email addresses, per person

A people search platform to find and contact.

When your task is finding and contacting people or customers, batch search data is just the start. You need to turn your data into contacts. That’s what BellesLink is designed to do.

Our all-in-one platform links people and batch searches with phone calls, text messaging, notes, and reminders through our Contact Manager CRM. Everything is neatly organized and easy to take with you. In BellesLink you start with data, end with a contact.

The BellesLink people search platform includes these powerful features:

Batch Search overview

Watch the video to learn how you can use BellesLink Batch Search to append good phone numbers, emails, current addresses, and more to your list.

Batch Search and the BellesLink platform

Organize batch search results with the Contact Manager

Working with batch search data in spreadsheets is hard, but in our Contact Manager putting your data to work is easy. With just one click you can import your batch search results into the Contact Manager and create a group of individual contacts from your data.

All the phone numbers, addresses, and emails you appended to your list are neatly organized within your contacts. From the Contact Manager you can make phone calls, send texts, take notes, assign tags, and set reminders as you make contact with your customers.

Learn more about the Contact Manager »

Export your batch search results with ease

When you want to work with your search results in other apps BellesLink has easy export options. You can export just your new, appended data, which is helpful if you’re going to add it to another system such as Salesforce or Podio. You can also export your new data merged into your original, uploaded spreadsheet. Merging data on your own can be difficult, so this saves you a ton of time and hassle.

Finally, you can export the contact group you made when you imported your search results into the Contact Manager. This can include your contact activity including calls, texts, notes, opt-ins, and more.

Learn more about batch search results »

How to use batch search

Watch the video to learn how to use BellesLink batch search, upload your list, and with your results using the Contact Manager. You’ll also learn some tips for setting up our file to get best, most accurate results.

Best Batch Search for small businesses

BellesLink Batch Search is a fast, accurate, and affordable way to append good data to your contact list. It gives you the best, top-tier data available to small businesses at a low pay-per-search price, with no minimum batch size.

The BellesLink people search platform makes our Batch Search even better, with powerful phone, text, and contact manager features to help you put your search results to work. BellesLink is the best batch search for your small business.