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The BellesLink people search platform has a simple and effective design that helps our customers go from searching data to making contact.

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How your business can use BellesLink

You use BellesLink for people searches and batch search. What makes us different from the rest is you go from searches to making contact using our Contact Manager—calls, texts, notes, and reminders are easily organized with groups and tags. Export any or all of your work with a couple clicks.

Search premium data

Search thousands of sources and billions of records quickly, easily, and without paying too much.

Batch search

Upload your list then get back good phone numbers, current addresses, emails and more.

Search people, properties, and businesses

Find current contact information for individuals, properties, and businesses throughout the United States.

Work on the go or at your desk

BellesLink is the same simple design on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop. No special instructions or mobile app required.

Create your virtual office

Setup local and toll-free numbers for phone calls and texting. Calls and texts at your desk or out in the field.

Text your contacts

Use BellesLink’s business text messaging in your conversations. It’s designed with CTIA best practices and principles.

Make Calls to a list

Organize lists by tags or groups then use our Contact Dialer to call the lists you created.

Calls, texts, and everything else, on any device

Online or mobile, make connections with people or customers from your desk or on the go.

Go from data to contact

Start with people search or batch search, keep track of everything in our contact manager.

Organize your contacts with groups and tags

Groups and tags help you to manage, index, and export your work.

Customize contact records

Add custom contact fields with the information that’s important to your business.

Take it with you

Export your contacts, groups, and activity for use with other apps.

Import your list

Create a group of contacts from your list, or a batch search.

Use tags to organize contacts

Organize your contacts and keep track of what’s important with tags.

Use Reminders and notes

In BellesLink reminders are like todo’s. You can add unlimited notes to each of your contacts.

Export your work

Easily export your contacts, groups, and activity for use with other apps.

Powerful features to find and contact customers

The BellesLink platform connects people and batch search with phone calls, text messaging, and contact management so you can turn data into contacts, then bring the work you’ve done in BellesLink into your business.

New Features and Updates

We’re always improving BellesLink with updates and new features. We listen carefully to our customers to make our people search platform a valuable tool for your business.

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People search, batch search, phone calls, text messaging, and contact management, all-in-one.

BellesLink makes it easy, simple, and affordable for small businesses to find and contact people or customers.

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