A phone system for businesses that use people search

The BellesLink combination of people search and business phone system makes it the best platform for finding and contacting people and customers. BellesLink has just what you need and nothing you don’t. Make and get calls anywhere you work, on any device, online or mobile. It’s a simple and flexible virtual office that’s perfect for some or all of your inbound and outbound calls.

A platform to put search results to work faster

The combination of people search and business phone system means you can put your search results to work faster. BellesLink is the only software that gives the tools to both find and contact people in one platform.

When you append new phone numbers to your list using our Batch Search or enrich your contacts with phone numbers from our People Searches, you can begin calling those numbers and starting new conversations right away. You don’t have to waste your time exporting files or copying and pasting data from a spreadsheet, like you do with other data providers.

In BellesLink you get top-tier people search data and the tools to put it to work in your business.

A flexible setup for your virtual office

Set up your BellesLink account with local numbers, toll-free numbers, and call handling options that fit your business. Pro and Business plans come with multiple phone numbers and you can add as many as you need.

Local Numbers

Local numbers are available in nearly every area code across the United States so you can localize your calls. Calling from localized numbers improves your answer and call-back rates. When you need a change, you can swap a local number without changing your number setup.

Toll-free numbers

Toll-free numbers are also available for your BellesLink account. These 888, 866, and 833 numbers give your business credibility and are recommended for your main business line.

Text-enabled toll-free numbers

Recent regulatory changes require the use of registered toll-free numbers for business texting. When you add a text-enabled toll-free number to your account we help you register your number and maintain compliance.

Call handling options

Flexible options for call handling let you setup your numbers to fit your business. Choose how calls are routed so they always reach the right person and you never miss a call.

  • Answer calls live in the BellesLink web app.
  • Send unanswered calls to voicemail.
  • Send all calls to voicemail.
  • Transfer calls to another number, such as your mobile.
  • Add custom greetings and on-hold messages.
  • Create a call transfer schedule for non-business hours

Unlimited voicemail

Your BellesLink account includes unlimited voicemail so you never miss an important message. Voicemails are saved in your account for 90 days. View voicemails in your Call Activity to listen and download the message. Set up notifications by email or text when new voicemails are received. Voicemails are saved in your account for 90 days.

Unlimited call recording

Unlimited call recording is included free in your BellesLink account. Calling options let you choose to record any incoming or outgoing call. Number setup options let you choose to record all your calls automatically. Access call recordings from your Call Activity to listen or download for up to four weeks before they are archived. Archived recordings are available for six months.

Call notifications

Setup notifications to receive an email or text when you miss a call or receive a voicemail.

Send and receive faxes

If faxes are still part of your business, you can set up a number to send and receive faxes in BellesLink. Receive a notification by email or text when a fax is received.

Better calls from contacts

Forget copy and pasting numbers from spreadsheets, the BellesLink Contact Manager gives you a better way to make phone calls. Import your list, or your Batch Search result, into the Contact Manager and make calls directly from your contact records.

While on a call you can make notes, set a number status such as good, wrong, disconnected, or Do Not Call, send a text, and everything is saved to the contact. Inbound and outbound calls are automatically linked to contacts, along with voicemails and call recordings. The Contact Manager connects all your calls so you can get more from the conversations.

Online or mobile, on any device

Online or mobile, BellesLink works everywhere you do with no app install required. Use the web browser on any iOS or Android device. Just log into your BellesLink account and you’re ready to make and receive calls, check voicemails, send texts, and more.

Every call is linked

In the BellesLink business phone system all your calls are linked and searchable. Every call, voicemail, or recording is a just search away when you need to find it. That’s something you can’t do with your mobile phone or a desk phone.

In your Call Activity you can search for a call by the number or the caller ID. If you create a contact for a phone number, all the inbound and outbound calls, including voicemails and call recordings are automatically linked to the contact.

Valuable call statistics

The call activity of the users in your account is valuable information, particularly if call-efficiency is important to your business. BellesLink tracks call statistics for call counts, call durations, call minutes used, and texts sent. You can view call stats by date range for all the users in your account. To calculate your own call statistics, you can export detailed call activity for your entire account.

Call auditing for improved performance

Our Call Auditing tool helps you improve employee performance and productivity, especially when training new employees. Admin users can listen in on active calls across all account users to monitor conversations and provide coaching feedback.

Call Monitor for incoming calls

When you’re at your desk and live answering calls in the BellesLink browser app the Call Monitor notifies you of incoming calls and let’s you answer or send it to voicemail.


Google Chrome Extension

The BellesLink Google Chrome Extension makes calling from your Chrome browser a breeze when you are logged into your BellesLink account. Seamlessly click to call any phone number that appears in your browser with the BellesLink logo next to it. You can add the Chrome extension to your browser in minutes without any additional configuration.

It all comes together in our Pro and Business Plans

To get started with the BellesLink platform and our effective combination of people search and business phone system checkout our Pro and Business plans. You’ll have access to all phone features, people and batch searches, everything you need to go from data to making contact.