A phone system, sales dialer, and skip tracing search combined

Small businesses need to use skip tracing searches for different reasons, but contacting the customer is always the goal. That’s why the BellesLink platform combines premium data searches with a business phone system and sales dialer. Putting skip tracing searches and a phone system together makes finding and contacting customers easier.

Phone system overview

Watch the video to get a complete overview of all the ways you can use our business phone system to make and manage calls for your business.

Finding and contacting customers

BellesLink is a platform to find and contact customers. The workflow inside BellesLink follows, what we call, the find and contact funnel.

The BellesLink contact manager CRM helps you find and contact customers.

At the top of the funnel, you import your list of people for batch skip tracing. Next you’ll use our skip tracing and people searches to add good phone numbers, addresses, and emails, to your contact records.

Now you’re ready to use our phone and text system, sales dialer and bulk text, to make contact with your customers. The business phone system gives you everything you need to manage all your calls.

When you’ve contacted all your customers you’ll be ready to export your results for use in other parts of your business. All of that is available, inside the BellesLink platform.

Making and managing phone calls

BellesLink has all the features you would expect in a business phone system: multiple local and toll-free numbers, unlimited voicemail, unlimited call recording, customizable call routing, and more.

You can make and answer calls from the web browser on your computer or tablet and customize call routing to deliver every call to the right place at the right time.

There are no complicated licenses and extensions to manage. You can add, delete, or swap phone numbers at any time and set up custom messages and call routing to match the needs of your business.

Click to call, from anywhere

The phone system is fully integrated into BellesLink. Anywhere you see phone number, on the Calls Page or in a search result, you can click to call or text. There’s no need to copy and paste the number, just click and call. You can send a text the same way.

Local and toll-free phone numbers

Every Pro and Business account comes with phone numbers you can setup as either local numbers or toll-free numbers. Phone numbers are available for nearly every area-code in the U.S. so you localize your calls for the results.

More phone numbers can be added to your account at any time.

Customizable number setups

Phone numbers can be setup for every need your business has. The caller ID for each number is set by you so you can fully localize your business.

Your number setups can route calls to directly to voicemail or transfer them to another number, such as your mobile phone.

Greeting messages and voicemail messages can be recorded through your browser or imported from an audio file. Pre-recorded messages are available if you don’t want to record your own.

Advanced settings give you options for notifications and call transfers. Voicemail messages can be emailed to you or notify you by text. The transfer schedule can control which days and hours your calls are transferred to another number.

Using the sales dialer to call your list

Our sales dialer, we call it the Contact Dialer, gives you an organized way to call all the people on your list and it’s built into our business phone system. You can import your list from a spreadsheet or create one from your batch skip tracing search results.

The Contact Dialer automatically dials each number in your list to speed up the cold calling process. If you get someone’s voicemail box, you can use a Drop Message to leave a pre-recorded voicemail message in the background, while you move onto the next call.

Sales dialer overview

The Contact Dialer is included for free with a Pro or Business plan subscription. Watch the overview video to see all the features of this powerful cold-calling tool.