What is a voicemail drop message for phone calls?

A voicemail drop message is a type of voicemail automation that is designed to accelerate the process of leaving voicemail messages. It allows a pre-recorded message to be dropped into a voicemail box, instead of you leaving the message yourself, every time.

Drop messages are great tool when you’re calling a list of people about the same topic and you want to leave them a voicemail with the same information.

Voicemail Drop Message overview and demo

Watch the video to get a complete overview of all the ways you can use voicemail drop messages.

How does a drop message work?

When you’re making a call and it goes to voicemail, you can use the drop message button to leave a pre-recorded message while you move onto the next call.

Once you’ve dropped your message, the BellesLink system will listen for the end of the person’s mailing box greeting, typically a beep, then play your pre-recorded message as if it was you speaking.

The best thing is, all this happens in the background while you make a note or move onto your next call.

Why use a drop message?

Making phone calls can be time consuming. It’s important to find simple ways to save time and make your calling more efficient.

Saves you time.

Using drop messages saves you the time it would take to leave a voicemail message. Leaving evan a short 30 second message a dozen times a day adds up fast. A drop message save you that time.

Consistency and accuracy.

When you leave a message in your customer’s voicemail box, you want to represent your company the best you can. In the moment, it’s easy to fumble your words or forget an important detail. A drop message helps you represent your business consistently and accurately.

Easy to leave detailed messages.

Sometimes you need to leave a message with a lot of detailed information. If you need to leave the message for multiple people it will be much easier to pre-record a drop message. That way, you can script every detail into your message and use it again and again.

Using a drop message in phone calls.

You can use a drop message anytime you’re making a phone call from your BellesLink account. When making a call, the drop message feature is available when:

  • Placing a call
  • Calling from a contact
  • Calling with the Contact Dialer

Setting up a drop message

Using a drop message is easy, but it does take a little bit of planning and setup.

1: Pre-record a message in the drop message library.

In your BellesLink account, go to the Dialer menu on the main navigation and choose Drop Message Library. Use the blue Record Message button to record, name, and save a new drop message.

Record a new voicemail drop message.


2: choose the drop message to use.

When you’re making a call, choose the drop message you want to use from the dropdown list.

Select a drop message from the dropdown menu.

3: Click the Drop Msg button

If your call goes to voicemail, use the Drop Msg button to leave your message. This will end the call for you.

4: Your drop message is delivered in the background

In the background, the BellesLink system will listen for the end of the person’s voicemail greeting and leave your message. You can move on with your work.

Improve your calls with voicemail drop messages

Whether you’re placing a call, calling from a contact record, or using the Contact Dialer, drop messages can improve your calls by saving you time, making your voicemail messages consistent and accurate, and giving you an easy way to leave a detailed message you can use again.

Setup a drop message to try by pre-recording a message in your drop message library, and test it the next time you’re calling customers.

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