Keep notes on all your conversations

When you’re using people search tools to find and contact people and your customers, it helps to keep notes about your work and your conversations. As someone once said, “Success is 1% inspiration and 99% taking good notes.”

In BellesLink you can add a note while on a phone call and you can add a note in a contact record to keep track of work you’ve done. Notes are always linked to a contact record so nothing gets lost. When you add a note in one place, it shows everywhere notes are visible.

Add a note while on a call

Anywhere you make a phone call in BellesLink, you can add a note while on the call. Just click into the note field at the bottom of the call controls, type your note, and hit Add Note.

Every note you add while on a call will be saved to the contact you called. If you don’t already have a contact record for the person you’re talking with, you’ll create one when you add the note.

When you make a lot of phone calls, keeping notes on your conversations is a must. That’s why we make adding notes easy and convenient.

Add a note to a contact record

You don’t have to be on a call to add a note. You can create a new note, or edit an existing note, in any contact record. On the righthand side of the contact record screen choose the Notes tab. Click into the note field, type your note, and click Add Note.

Export your notes

A great benefit of using BellesLink is you can always export your work. Notes are no exception. You can export them too. This is a great when you need to hand off a customer to another person on your team or import the customer’s record into another system.

On the righthand side of a contact record choose the Notes tab. Above the note field is an export button. Use the button to export a spreadsheet of all the notes in the contact record. The time and date the note was last updated is included.

Everywhere you need notes

The work you do in BellesLink is all about contacting people so we make it easy and convenient to keep notes on all your conversations. Your notes are always linked to contact record so all your work stays organized in our Contact Manager.