Organize Your Customer Contacts

BellesLink makes it easy for you to find and contact your customers. The Contact Manager customer relationship manager (CRM) is the heart of the BellesLink platform. It gives you an easy way to import and organize your customer contacts, make phone calls, and send texts. Contact records can hold all the information you need, including multiple phone numbers, addresses, emails, and custom fields.

The BellesLink contact manager CRM helps you find and contact customers.

There are three ways to create a contact group.

  1. Import your list of people.
  2. Use a BellesLink batch skip tracing search result.
  3. Manually create a group and enter your contacts.

Group actions let you use your contact group.

  1. Send a bulk text.
  2. Create a Contact Dialer call list.
  3. Export your contact data.

You can also work with the individual contacts in a contact group:

  1. Start 1-to-1 text conversations
  2. Make phone calls
  3. Use People Searches
  4. Keep notes on your work.
  5. Track the status of phone numbers: good, disconnected, wrong number
  6. Track text messaging opt-ins

Import Your List

It’s easy to import your list from a spreadsheet to create a new group of contacts you can call and text.

Create Contacts from a Batch Skip Tracing Search

You can create a group of contacts from your BellesLink batch skip tracing search results so you can begin calling and texting. All the phone numbers, addresses, and emails included in your search results are added to the contacts you create.

Create a Contact from a People Search

BellesLink people searches provide rich, detailed information that includes phone numbers, addresses, emails, and more. Creating a contact record for a person in your search results is as easy as clicking a button. Creating a contact makes it easy to make calls, send texts, and make notes about your work. 

Working with Contact Groups

Contact groups help you organize your work and make it more efficient.

Working With Contact Records

Calling and texting from inside a contact record is a fast and easy way to make quality contacts and keep track of your results.