Organize your contacts and keep track of your work

Contact management is the key to getting the best results from your batch searches and people searches. Using spreadsheets to manage your search results is frustrating and slow. That’s why the BellesLink people search platform is built around our Contact Manager. The Contact Manager organizes your contacts, keeps track of your work, and links everything together so you can quickly go from data to making contact.

Make good contacts from good data

BellesLink premium data is comprised of thousands of sources and billions of records to help you find current phone numbers, addresses, emails, and more. Use Batch Search to append good data to your list and import it into the Contact Manager. Use People Searches to enrich your contacts with additional information from searches on relatives, associates, property records, business records, and more. The Contact Manager organizes your search results so you can put them to work right away.

Contacts link everything together

The Contact Manager links calls, texts, searches, notes, tags, and reminders to your contacts so your work is organized and searchable. Everywhere in BellesLink that you call, text, or search, you can click through to a contact to make note, add a tag, or set a reminder.

Manage people search work a better way

Most people search services only deliver search results to you in a spreadsheet format that is frustrating and difficult to use for contacting people. BellesLink is different. Our platform is build around a Contact Manager that organizes your search results into contacts so you can quickly and easily put the data to work. BellesLink gives you better people search results and a better way to work with them.

Create contacts from a Batch Search

Batch Search appends current phone numbers, addresses, and emails to your list. Import your batch search results into the Contact Manager as a contact group to immediately begin working with them. All the name, phone numbers, addresses, and emails in your search results are neatly organized into individual contact records that will link to your calls, texts, and searches. There’s no faster way to go from data to contact.

Create a contact from a People Search

BellesLink has multiple types of people searches you can use to enrich your contacts with additional phone numbers, addresses, emails, and more. With one click, you can create a new contact from a people search result. There’s no tedious copying and pasting to waste your time, BellesLink organizes all the information for you into a contact record. You can also save a search to an existing contact, like you would save a note.

Import your own list of contacts

Contacts don’t always have to start from a search, you can import your own contact list. When you import a list into the Contact Manager you have full control over how your data is arranged in the contacts you create. You add custom fields, custom record IDs, and more. You can update your existing contacts by importing a list with new information.

Organize contacts with groups

Groups are a simple yet powerful way to organize your contacts. When you import contacts, from a batch search or list, they are automatically put into a group, but you can create as many groups as you need. You can create a group from a tag, from a contact search, or by assigning contacts. Any group you create can be used as a call list in the Contact Dialer. You can add or update contacts by importing to a group, and export a contact group to use the data somewhere else. Using groups helps you get the most from the Contact Manager.

Export your contacts, groups, and activity

The work you do in BellesLink can be exported. If you’ve create a contact group of your best leads or of customers who responded to a promotion, you can export that group in a spreadsheet format you can use with other business software. You can also export contact notes and activity. If you want to analyze your call results, you can even export the call activity for your entire account. BellesLink is a great tool for top-of-the-funnel sales work with your customers and we make easy to export your contacts, groups, and activity.

Work with contacts to save time

An efficient and effective way to use BellesLink is working directly in your contact records to place calls, send texts, make notes, add tags, and set reminders. Working in the contact record means all your information is right where you need when having conversations.

Click to call your contacts

Click to call any phone number in a contact. A contact record can have up to 10 numbers. The call control popup has everything you need to manage the call. While on the call you can set the number status—good, wrong, do not call—and give the number an alias, such a Work or Mobile. You can add a tag to the contact and make note. You can even text the number if you have a text opt-in.

Text your contacts

You can text any number in a contact that has opted-in to receive text messages from you. The Text Opt-In is shown for every number. The text message popup lets you have the conversation without leaving the contact record. For longer conversations, you can send the conversation to the Text Messages screen without missing a beat.

Validate phone numbers

Calling disconnected numbers wastes your time and the caller ID of a phone number is valuable information to know before you call. You can validate the numbers in a contact record to perform a number scrub to determine if the number is disconnected and to lookup each numbers’ caller ID. Number validation is quick and it saves you time.

Make notes in your contacts

Someone once said, “Success is 1% inspiration and 99% taking good notes.” In a contact record you can make a note to keep track of work you’ve done, even while on a call. When you make a note in a contact, it shows everywhere notes are visible.

Add tags to organize your contacts

Tags are customizable labels, like hashtags, that you create for your contacts based on what’s important for you to know. Tags let you add unique labels to organize your contacts to match the way you work.

Set reminders on your contacts

When your work is finding and contacting people or customers there are always lots of ToDo items. Set task reminders to help you and your team manage your work. A reminder can be something general like; “import the new list”, or linked to contact for specific task like; “call Paul K. on Tuesday.”

Call a group with the Contact Dialer

The Contact Dialer works with the Contact Manager to organize calls to a list of contacts. You don’t have to make spreadsheet of phone numbers or deal with any of those hassles. Just create a contact group and click Call with Dialer, all the numbers will be put into a call list.

The Contact Dialer displays the contact record of the person you’re calling so you can make the most of the conversation. It saves your call results, notes, tags, and callback reminders in each contact record. Contacts and contact groups are the power behind the dialer. They help you make more calls and get better results.

Included with all BellesLink plans

Contact management is the key to getting the best results from your people search work. That’s why the Contact Manager is included free in all subscription plans. The BellesLink people search platform is built around the Contact Manager because it organizes your search results into contacts so you can quickly and easily put the data to work. To get started with BellesLink checkout our Basic, Pro, and Business plans.