People searches deliver the right phone number, address, and more.

Enrich your contact list with accurate information from BellesLink People Searches. Whether you are searching for current phone numbers, addresses, emails, property records, or business records you’ll find the right-party contact information you need.

Create contacts from your search results in our Contact Manager and start putting your data to work by making phone calls and sending texts, all in the BellesLink people search platform.

Premium data

BellesLink provides you with the best, top-tier data available to small businesses. Our premium people search data is comprised of thousands of sources and billions of records. Our searches give you current phone numbers, addresses, emails, and more, so you can make contact with more customers.

Types of people searches

No matter what information you’re starting with, BellesLink has a search that will help you find and contact the customer you want to reach.

People search

Includes mobile and landline phone numbers, current and historical addresses, relatives, associates, properties and businesses.

Reverse phone number search

Quickly find the owner of a phone number with data-rich results that include other numbers, emails, and address history.

Reverse address search

Find the current resident or owner of a property quickly. Includes the same data as a Premium People Search.

Property search

Includes owner’s property and mailing address, recorder and assessor records.

Business search

Includes business details such as type and filing state, officers names, and an address history for the business.

Called ID Lookup

Lookup the Caller ID of any U.S. phone number. Knowing who will answer a number when you call is valuable information.

Debt search

Returns information about active bankruptcies, judgments, and liens.

Combine searches and the Contact Manager

Using people searches can create a lot of information. It can get hard to keep track of it all. Our Contact Manager solves that problem by organizing search information. From a search result you can create a new contact with all the phone numbers, addresses, and emails neatly organized in a contact record.

The search itself is linked to the contact record so you can go back to it for additional information such as possible relatives, associates, property and business records.

From a contact record you can make phone calls, send texts, save notes, and link searches. You can organize your contacts with groups and tags, and create reminders too. Using the Contact Manager is the best way to put your people search data to work.

More people search features

Create a contact record from a search

In a search result, use the Create New Contact button to organize all the phone numbers, address, and emails into a new contact record.

Ranked search results

People search results are rich with data and present the most current information first. Phone numbers, addresses, and emails are ranked by most current. Comprehensive address histories link relatives, neighbors, and associates so you can find and contact customers quickly.

Call and text from search results

When you find the right phone number in a people search there’s no need to copy and paste it somewhere else. You can call the number or send a text with just a click.

Save a search to a contact record

Often you’ll use multiple searches to gather information about a contact. You can save searches to a contact so that you can go back to it for additional information such as possible relatives, associates, property and business records.

Linked searches

You can run additional searches on any of the information included in a people search results, such as, phone numbers, addresses, names, properties, and businesses. When you do, these secondary searches stay linked to the original search so that you access them again from your search history.

Search history records your searches

If you want to view a search result again you don’t need to run it a second time. In your search history you have access to all your recent searches over the past twelve months.