How To Use BellesLink People Search for Recruitment

If you’re a hiring manager or HR professional seeking to recruit passive job candidates, the BellesLink People Search platform can give you the current phone numbers, emails, and addresses you need to make contact with those people and fill your open roles.

You can use People Searches to find contact information for individuals and you can use Batch Search to find contact information for a list of candidates. The built-in CRM Contact Manager helps you manage your contact data, build lists, call and text candidates. Once you’ve created your shortlist, you can export your contacts to your applicant tracking system.

Find accurate contact information for passive candidates.

  • Find mobile phone numbers, addresses, and emails for individuals, their relatives, neighbors, and associates, using BellesLink’s premium public data searches.

Use the CRM to organize your people search data.

  • Automatically organize people search data into contact records and link calls, texts and notes to your candidate contacts.

Call and text your candidate list.

  • Use BellesLink’s business phone system and text messaging to make those first contacts your candidate list. Local and toll-free numbers, unlimited voicemail, and recorded calls are all included.

BellesLink can help you contact passive recruitment candidates and fill your pipeline with the skilled professionals you really want. Our platform has everything you need to make people searches an essential part of your recruitment process.

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Explore the BellesLink People Search Platform

  1. Using People Search For Recruiting Passive Candidates
  2. Access Higher Quality Data
  3. Use People Search to Find Candidate Contact Information
  4. Import and Enrich Existing Candidate Information
  5. Use Batch Search to Bulk Search a List of Candidates
  6. Manage Candidate Information With the Contact Manager
  7. Call Candidates with Our Flexible Business Phone System

Using People Search For Recruiting Passive Candidates

You can find contact information for job candidates in many places. You can do a web search, use social media, look up profiles on LinkedIn and consult professional websites and communities. These kinds of manual searches take time and may not always provide current or accurate information.

A better way is to use people search software to find contact information for passive candidates. People search software allows you to search large databases of public information that a small business would not have access to any other way. These databases are updated constantly to be sure the information is accurate.

People searches are flexible, you can search on the information you have, such as a name, address, or phone number. To do a deeper search to enrich contact information that includes data points like relatives, neighbors, and associates.

People searches makes it faster and more affordable to find contact information for your passive candidate list, including mobile phone numbers, addresses, and emails.

  1. Web searches don’t always provide current or accurate information.
  2. Data pros use people search software to tap into public information databases.
  3. People searches makes it faster and more affordable to get accurate contact information.

Access Higher Quality Data

The reason any hiring manager uses people search is so they can contact and recruit the most qualified professionals they can find. If the contact information they get from their search is out of date or just plain wrong, they’re going to waste a lot of time and miss out on hiring the best person for the role.

When using people searches, quality matters. So, you want to choose search platform that has a reputation for high quality data and accurate search results.

The BellesLink people search platform is known for its great data. Our premium data is made up of thousands of sources and billions of records, and BellesLink searches can give you current contact information for 98% of the adults in the U.S.. You can start with a free account to test the data for yourself.

  1. You can waste a lot of time and money using data that is wrong or out of date.
  2. People search software will provide higher quality data for your business.
  3. Test BellesLink data for yourself.

People searches are a powerful tool for finding contact information for individual recruitment candidates. These instant searches return rich, detailed results that included more types information than any other search and give you more opportunities to contact a person.

Types of contact information people searches can provide:

  • mobile and landline phone numbers
  • addresses with related phone numbers
  • email addresses
  • associates
  • relatives
  • neighbors
  • property records
  • business records

There are different types of people searches you can use, depending a what type of information you have to search with. All people searches provide instant results.

  1. Person search—start with a name and address
  2. Reverse phone number search—start with a phone number
  3. Reverse address search—start with an address
  4. Property search—start with an address or property number
  5. Business search—start with a business name and address
  6. Called ID Lookup—start with a phone number
  7. Debt search—start with a name and address

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Import and Enrich Existing Candidate Information

Not every people search has to start with a new contact. You can import your existing contact data into the BellesLink Contact Manager and use people searches to enrich those contacts with new mobile numbers, emails, and address.

From inside a contact record you can run a people search on any phone number, address, or email address. From the search result you can choose what data to add to your contact. When you’re done, you can export those contacts to update your candidate database with the enriched contact information.

If you‘re starting with a list of candidates, use Batch Search to run a bulk search on all the records at once. Batch Search is an efficient and affordable way to append new and current phone numbers, addresses, and emails to your list of people. Batch Search results can be imported into the Contact Manager with one click to create a new group of contacts with all the search data neatly organized.

Reasons to use batch search:

  1. Append current phone numbers, addresses, and emails to your existing list.
  2. Save time by enriching thousands of records at one time, instead of individual searches.
  3. Avoid confusing spreadsheets. Use our contact manager to organize your list and data.

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Managing a lot of contact data can be difficult. In most platforms your people search results come back to you in a spreadsheet format. Spreadsheets can be confusing and difficult to use so it’s good to have another option, like the BellesLink Contact Manager.

Instead of working with a spreadsheet, you can work with contact records, just like you do in your accounting or sales management software. Contacts in BellesLink are unlimited, so you don’t have to worry about adding extra costs by creating contact records to organize your enriched data. New data can be imported into your existing contacts or exported for use in you other business tools.

  1. Data from your people searches can be saved into a contact record.
  2. Unlimited contacts let you organize your data without extra costs.
  3. You contacts can be put into groups, organized with tags, and expanded with custom fields.

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Call Candidates with Our Flexible Business Phone System

When you’re ready to call your candidates, the BellesLink business phone system has just what you need and nothing you don’t. Make and get calls anywhere you work, on any device, online or mobile. It’s a simple and flexible virtual office that’s perfect for some, or all, of your recruitment calls.

Our 100% digital system means call quality is always excellent. Local and toll-free numbers are included, along with unlimited voicemail and unlimited recorded calls. Generous monthly call minutes mean you can always make the call. Call handling options assure every call is answered and important messages are never missed. With searches and phones in one platform, your skip tracing takes less time and gets better results.

  1. Setup local numbers, toll-free numbers, and call handling options that fit your business.
  2. Generous call minutes, unlimited voicemail, and recorded calls save you money.
  3. Online or mobile, BellesLink works everywhere you do with no app install required.

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Get Started With BellesLink

It’s easy to add BellesLink to your recruiting process. You can sign up for a free account and get access to our Batch Search, People Search, and Contact Manager. That’s everything you need to start using people searches and batch searches to find contact information for passive candidates and fill your pipeline with the skilled professionals you really want.

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