This video tutorial will give you overview of the Contact Manager and how you can use it to organize skip tracing and customer contacts.

Organize Skip Tracing Contacts

BellesLink makes it easy for you to find and contact your next customers. The Contact Manager is the heart of the BellesLink platform. It gives you an easy way to import and organize your skip tracing contacts, make phone calls, send texts, save notes, set reminders, and track your work.

Contact records can hold all the information you need, including multiple phone numbers, addresses, emails, and custom fields. Contacts are organized into groups you can use to send bulk texts and create call lists for the our built-in sales dialer.

Using the Contact Manger you can stop managing your skip trace work with cumbersome spreadsheet lists and starting using a customer relationship manager, CRM, made for skip tracing. You’ll save time and turn more contacts into customers.