Fast, accurate, and affordable batch people search.

BellesLink batch people search is fast, accurate, and affordable. It appends good, working phone numbers, emails, and current addresses to your list to make it easy for you to find and contact your next customer.

Our batch search has an easy-to-use list uploader that eliminates spreadsheet hassles and export options that help keep your data organized.

Import your search results into our free Contact Manager CRM to organize your results. Managing your search results in a spreadsheet is hard. Working with the BellesLink Contact Manager is easy.

High-quality data

BellesLink provides you with the highest quality data available to small businesses. Our batch search and people searches deliver current, accurate phone numbers, addresses, business and property records in all 50 U.S. states.

Batch people search results

BellesLink batch people search is a fast way to find the information you need to make contact with your next customer. Every batch search result includes:

  • Up to 5 good phone numbers, per person
  • Caller ID and phone type for each number
  • A most current address for each person
  • Up to 3 good email addresses, per person

How to use batch search

Check out our tutorial on how to use BellesLink batch people search, upload your list, and how to work with your results. You’ll also learn some tips for setting up our file to get best, most accurate results from your batch searches.

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Free Contact Manager

With just one click you can import your batch search results into our free Contact Manager CRM. The Contact Manager organizes all your search results, phone numbers, addresses, and emails into individual contact records so you can start using your data right away. Make phone calls, send texts, take notes, assign tags, and set reminders as you turn contacts into customers.

Managing your work in spreadsheets is hard. Using the Contact Manager is easy.

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Contact Dialer

The Contact Dialer integrates with our batch people search so you can call everyone on your list, in an organized and efficient way. Importing your batch search result into a call list takes just one click. The Contact Dialer eliminates manual dialing, automates voicemails, and has one-click call dispositions to save you time when contacting your next customer.

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Batch Search results export

When you need to work with your batch search results in other parts of your business they can easily be exported as a CSV spreadsheet file. You can even add your search results into your original spreadsheet to save you the hassle of merging everything yourself.

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The Best Batch People Search

Batch people search is the heart of the BellesLink platform and an essential part of the finding and contacting customers.

Batch search provides a fast, accurate, and affordable way to find the good phone numbers, addresses and emails, so you can make contact with your next customer.

Checkout how you can use batch search in combination with the Contact Manager to organize and manage your searches and contacts.