When you’re finding and contacting customers there are always lots of ToDo items. BellesLink has task reminders to help you and your team manage your work.

Watch the video to get a complete overview of all the ways you can use task reminders to manage your team and your work.

Reminders help you manage your team

Communicating specific tasks and ToDo’s to virtual assistants and remote employees can sometimes be frustrating. It’s easy for simple things to be lost in translation.

Managers can use reminders in BellesLink to assign work to staff and virtual assistants. Linking reminders to specific contacts or contact groups eliminates confusion.

This how you set task reminders for skip tracing ToDo's.

Link reminders to individual contacts or groups

You can create reminders throughout the BellesLink app. Reminders can be linked to the contact record or group that needs to be worked with.

You can also set a general reminder that is not linked to a contact or group.

See all your reminders at once

It easy to check all the task reminders in your account by checking the reminders page. BellesLink customers who use virtual assistants make the reminders page part of their daily workflow.

The reminders page shows you all your skip tracing ToDo's

Task reminders are a simple yet powerful tool for managing your work, for yourself and your team. Reminders help you get more from BellesLink.