The Contact Dialer is a sales dialer powered people search

The Contact Dialer is the fastest way to go from your people search list, to making cold calls to your potential new customers. As part of our platform, the Contact Dialer is integrated with batch search so all the phone numbers you find can be imported as a contact group and sent to the dialer. You can manage thousands of contacts with just a few clicks.

How is the Contact Dialer different?

The Contact Dialer is a single line sales dialer you can use to efficiently call a group of contacts. You may have heard of other types of sales dialers that are power dialers, or multi-line dialers. The Contact Dialer is easier to use and lets you control the pace of your calls.

Since the Contact Dialer is connected to our Contact Manager CRM, all the calls and notes you make are saved back to the contact records you’re calling, so you can keep track of your work.

The Contact Dialer is a preview dialer

A preview dialer is an automated telephone dialing system that saves you the time of manually dialing numbers but still gives you control over the pace of the calls. Preview dialers use a single phone line, so you’re only making one call at a time.

Using a preview dialer, you can see your calling-list, which typically includes contact information and notes, so you know who you’re calling and can see essential information you’ll need to make the most of the call.

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Dial on a Single Line

The dialer is a single-line preview dialer so you control the pace of the dialing session.

Drop Messages

When a call goes to voicemail you can drop a pre-recorded message and move onto the next call.

Add a Call Script

Add your own call script to keep your message on point. Scripts are saved in a library for future use.

Record Your Calls

Call recording is free and a valuable way to assure call quality and train your team.

Included with a Pro or Business plan subscription

The dialer is included with both the Pro and Business monthly subscription plans at no additional cost. The dialer uses the monthly call minutes that are included with every account.

Low cost call minutes

When you need more call minutes for the dialer, you can purchase more minutes at the low cost of $0.025 per minute.

Use your BellesLink numbers

You can use any local number in your BellesLink account to make calls with the dialer. You can add more local numbers for $5.00 per month, per user.

The Contact Manager CRM makes it easy to organize skip tracing contacts and make phone calls, send texts, save notes, set reminders, and track your work.

Contact Manager CRM Overview

Watch an overview video of the Contact Manager to learn how you use it to create contact groups for use with the Contact Dialer.