The BellesLink Basic Plan is a pay-as-you-go subscription that’s great for businesses who are just getting started using public records data. The Basic plan includes access to high quality public records data through Batch People Search and People Searches. The plan also includes the Contact Manager to organize your search results and your work.

The Basic Plan includes:

  • Batch Search
  • People Searches
  • Contact Manager

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is the place to begin your work. From here you have access to all the BellesLink tools: Batch Search, People Searches, Contact Manager, Reminders.

In the Account section of the Dashboard you’ll see the number of searches remaining in your account and a link to purchase more.

The Dashboard also has cards for Calls and Texts. Those features are available in the Pro and Business plans. You can upgrade your account at any time.

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Batch People Search

A batch people search can be the first step in turning your list of people into new customers. Our premium data search gives you the phone numbers, addresses, and emails you need to make quality contacts.

How to Use Batch Search

BellesLink batch search is fast, accurate, and affordable. It appends up to 5 good phone numbers, up to 5 good emails, and current addresses to your list.

Our batch search has an easy-to-use list uploader that eliminates spreadsheet hassles and export options that help keep your data organized.

Import your search results into our free Contact Manager CRM to organize your results. Managing your search results in a spreadsheet is hard. Working with the BellesLink Contact Manager is easy.

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Preparing Your Spreadsheet File For Batch Search

Preparing your file for BellesLink batch search is easy. The secret to good results is spending a little bit of time and attention on the formatting of your data. There are six required columns for a batch search—first name, last name, address, city, state, zip code—and one option column—record id.

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People Searches

Whether you are searching for current phone numbers, current addresses, property records, or business records, you’ll find the in-depth information you need in our people searches. Our premium quality date gives you the most accurate and up-to-date information available to small businesses.

Types of People Searches

No matter what information you’re starting with, BellesLink has a search that will help you find and contact the customer you’re looking for.

People search
Includes mobile and landline phone numbers, current and historical addresses, relatives, associates, properties and businesses.

Reverse phone number search
Quickly find the owner of a phone number with data-rich results that include other numbers, emails, and address history.

Reverse address search
Find the current resident or owner of a property quickly. Includes the same data as a Premium People Search.

Property search
Includes owner’s property and mailing address, recorder and assessor records.

Business search
Includes business details such as type and filing state, officers names, and an address history for the business.

Debt search
Returns information about active bankruptcies, judgments, and liens.

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Search History

If you’ve done a search previously and you want to grab some more information from it, you don’t have to pay to run that search again. Your account includes a Search History of all your searches for the past three months. From the dashboard or searches menu click Search History.

Batch Search vs Single People Search

Often we’re asked what’s the difference between a batch search and a people search.

A batch search tries to give you a single best result for a name and address combination. If the database can’t find a single best result, it won’t return any result at all.

By contrast, a single people search tries to give you the best, or near-best, result. If the database can’t find a single best result, it will return up to 10 near-best results. To determine which one is the person that you’re looking for, scan all the results.

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The Contact Manager

The Contact Manager is the heart of the BellesLink platform. It gives you an easy way to import and organize your customer contacts, make phone calls, and send texts. Contact records can hold all the information you need, including multiple phone numbers, addresses, emails, and custom fields.

Create a Contact Group from a Batch Search Result

You can export your batch search results for use in your business. But, it’s even better to import your results into the Contact Manager by creating a contact group.

When you create a contact group from your batch search results, all the phone numbers, emails, addresses in your search results will be imported into the individual contacts and organized in a group.

Checkout our Contact Manager Overview tutorial to learn more »

The Basic Plan vs the Pro Plan

The Basic Plan is a way to get started using public records data in your business. The Pro and Business Plans add phone and text features that let you put your search results to work making contacts with your next customers.

Check our Pro Plan Overview tutorial for everything that is included click the upgrade button in your account to explore included features and pricing.