BellesLink Business Texting is Better

Business texting has changed a lot in 2023. New carrier rules and business registration requirements have been put in place to reduce fraud and spam. Those changes created some confusion, but now updates and improvements are complete. Business texting is back and it’s better than before.

Easier and Faster

We’ve updated BellesLink so it’s now easier to register your business and faster to get started texting. Once you’ve registered your business and been submitted for verification and approval, you can begin texting from your account.

Businesses are required to register so that carriers know the messages those businesses send are from a verified toll-free number. Carriers will block texts sent from unregistered businesses with unverified numbers.

Resources for You

We’ve put together a bunch of resources to help you add business texting to your BellesLink account. Here are three to get you started. You can find the rest in our text messaging tutorials.

How to Get Started

Getting started with business texting is easy. You begin by adding a text-enabled toll-free number to your BellesLink account.

  1. Add a new number to your account
  2. Choose Add a Text-Enabled Toll-Free Number
  3. Choose your toll-free number
  4. Complete the business texting registration form.

To complete the registration process, check out our step-by-step registration guide and our guide to the text opt-in methods you can use in your business.

Text with BellesLink

BellesLink offers a powerful combination of people search, phone calls, and text messaging to help you grow your business. Texting is available in our Pro or Business plans. Upgrade today to get started.