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Make Your Texting Number Your Contact Number

While your sales and marketing efforts may be focused on outbound calls, emails, and advertising, don’t forget to create inbound ways for your customers to reach out to you. Outbound contacts depend on your effort. They cost you time and money. Inbound contacts cost far less.

Your BellesLink account can be your new inbound marketing tool. Especially when you add a text-enabled toll-free number. Your BellesLink number makes a great contact number. Your customers can use it to reach you by phone or, better yet, by text.

If you haven’t added a text-enable toll-free number to your account yet, checkout our tutorial on how to get started with business texting.

Give Your Contacts the Option to Text You

Studies say that 48% of consumers prefer texting to phone calls. So, why not offer texting as way for your customers to contact you?

In the same way you include your phone number in your marketing communications, you can include your BellesLink texting number. The great thing is, a text-enabled toll-free number can accept both phone calls and texts. So, you already have a number that can handle inbound contacts from your website. Check out our Text Opt-in Methods Guide to see examples.

Everyone knows how to call a number, but for texting you’ll need to provide simple instructions for opting in. It could look something like this:

To reach us by phone call (XXX) XXX-XXX. If you prefer to message us, text OPTIN to (XXX) XXX-XXX and we will reply promptly.

Business Texting is Different

Remember, business texting is different than personal texting. Businesses are required by Federal regulation to get express written consent, an opt-in, from their contacts BEFORE they can text to them.

That is why the simple instruction is always “text OPTIN to (XXX) XXX-XXX”. Once your contact has opted in, you can text with them freely.

Add Your Texting Number to Your Website

Because many of the contacts you will get from your website will prefer to text you, instead of calling, emailing, or completing a contact form, add your BellesLink texting number to your website with instructions on how to opt-in.

Anywhere you would put your contact email or phone number on your business website, we suggest you also include the option to text. Here is our suggested language.

To contact us by phone call (XXX) XXX-XXX, or to message us, text OPTIN to (XXX) XXX-XXX.

You receive the opt-in message

Opt-in texts will come into the Text Messaging screen of your BellesLink account where you can easily reply and manage them.

Your contact receives a confirmation

The person who sent you the opt-in message will receive an automated confirmation text.

Opt-in to receive messages is confirmed. Reply STOP to cancel.

Create a Contact Record from the Opt-In Text

As a best practice, we suggest you create a contact record from the message by using the Assign Contact button. By creating a contact record all the texts, calls, notes to the phone number will be linked to the contact and can be exported.

Block SPAM Texts

Sometimes publishing a phone number on a website will encourage SPAM calls or texts. If this happens, you can use the Block Contact feature on the Text Messages screen.

Build Your Opt-in List

Using your texting number as your contact number on your website will help you build your opt-in list. Like an email database of newsletter subscribers, an opt-in list is a valuable asset for your business because the statistics on texting prove it’s an effective communication channel.

  • 98% of adults in the US own a mobile phone
  • 95% of text messages are read and responded to within 3 minutes of being received
  • SMS links have a 19% click through rate, compared to 4% emails, and 1% Facebook

Putting Texting to Work for You

In sales, marketing, and customer service we often think first about our outbound strategies and how we will reach our customers. Don’t forget to also plan you inbound strategies so customers can reach out to you.

Your BellesLink texting number makes a great contact number because it can receive both calls and texts. Many of the contacts you get from your website won’t want to call, email, or complete a contact form, so give them a texting option.

If you haven’t added a text-enable toll-free number to your account yet, checkout our tutorial on how to get started with business texting.


Texting Guides

Checkout our tutorials and guides on business text messaging, registration requirements, and toll-free number verification.


Additional policies, regulations, and laws may exist beyond those listed here. This is not legal advice. It is strongly recommended you consult your own legal advisor for help understanding legal obligations you may have, given the kind of messaging you wish to send.

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