In this tutorial we’ll review the standard user set-up for a BellesLink account. To set-up your user, login to our account and go to Setup/User Setup. Click the change button to get started.

User Information Tab

Add your first name, last name and email address. This is the email address that notifications from your account will be sent to. Make sure is white-listed in the SPAM filters of your email client.

Attach VMs to Notification Emails

If you have turned on email notifications for voicemails that are left on your BellesLink numbers, you can also have an audio file of the voicemail recording attached to the notification email. Email notifications for voicemail can be turned on in Setup/Number Setup.

Preferred Time Zone

Set this to your local time zone. All time-stamps in your account will be shown in the time zone chosen here.

Block Unidentified Calls/Toll Free Calls

These are set to No by default. Numbers can be blocked on Setup/Blocked Numbers.

Notify of New Emails

If you have set up a custom email account in your BellesLink account using E-Communications/Email Accounts, then this setting will send a notification email to you each time an email is received in your custom email account.

Default Place Call Page

Leave this set as Browser Call.

Default Call Back Number

Leave this blank so you can use the full features of your BellesLink number(s). Enter a number here if you want all calls to be returned to this number.

Display Client Nam on Case Links

Check this if you would prefer to have a client name displayed on links which identify the case a number has been assigned to. These links are shown primarily on the Call Activity page and the Text Results page.

Permissions Tab

Allow to Place Calls

Leave this checked.

Allow to Add Credits

Leave this checked.

Auto-Swap Minutes

Leave at zero or contact customer service for more information.

Auto-Swap CID

Leave at zero or contact customer service for more information.

Allow to Record Web Calls

Leave this checked so that outbound calls you make can be recorded.

Allow to Record Incoming Calls

Leave this checked so you can choose to record incoming calls at the time you answer.

Allow to Add Numbers

Leave this checked so you can add additional local or toll-free numbers to your account. Pro plan accounts include one (1) local number. Business plan accounts include three (3) local numbers. Additional numbers are an added monthly cost.

Allow Blocked CID

Leave this checked to allow incoming calls with caller IDs which are blocked.

All Caller ID Name Change

Leave this checked to allow the caller ID setting on your BellesLink numbers to be changed.

Allow Text Messaging

Leave this checked so that you can choose from a list of pre-set text messages you’ve created. Add and edit these messages at Setup/Default Text Messages.

Allow Text Notifications

Leave this checked if you want to receive text notifications from your BellesLink account. Texts will be sent to the mobile phone number entered on the User Information tab on the User Setup page.
Text notification can be turned for individual numbers in Setup/Number Setup.

Allow to Schedule Calls

Leave this checked so that calls be scheduled using the Call Scheduler page.

Allow to Send Faxes

Your BellesLink numbers can receive faxes. Leave this checked so you can send faxes too from the e-Communications/Send Fax page.

Allow to Add Email Accounts

Leave this checked so that custom email accounts can be added to your BellesLink account. You get one email account for each local number in your account. Additional email accounts are an added monthly cost.

Restrict Login Location

Leave this unchecked or contact customer service for more information.

User Name/Password

You user login ID and your password can be updated here.

Save Your Setup

Click the Save button to save your updated settings. Or click the Cancel button to start over.

Customer Support

If you have question about User Setup contact customer support at 970-328-0440 or email us at