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Setup a Schedule for Transferring Your Incoming Calls

When you setup a phone number you choose a call flow setup to determine how incoming calls are handled. You can choose to:

  1. Answer calls live in your account call monitor. If you don’t answer a call, it will be transferred to the number you included in the setup, before going to voicemail.
  2. Send all calls directly to voicemail
  3. Have calls forwarded to another number, such as your mobile phone

If you choose option #1, there will be times when you know you will not be unavailable to answer your calls, such as outside business hours or during lunch. At those times, you will not want your calls transferred, instead you will want them to be sent directly voicemail.

To manage calls during the times you’re unavailable you can setup a transfer schedule to define the days and hours you want calls to skip the transfer setting and go directly to voicemail. This means the call will not ring in your account call monitor and will not be transferred to the number in the call flow setup.

Setting up a transfer schedule lets you control which days and times calls are transferred. Use Transfer Schedules to setup new schedules and manage your existing ones. Go to the Setup menu, then Other, then Transfer Schedules.

You can apply a transfer schedule to a number in the advanced settings of the number setup. On the Numbers page, use the edit button then scroll down to the advance settings section.

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