There have been many updates to the BellesLink skip tracing platform recently. Founder Paul Kulas shares the BellesLink workflow, the find and contact funnel, an introduces the new Contact Manager.

Product manager, Jeff Mason, does a demo of how to create a contact group from a batch skip tracing search and how to call and text individual contacts.

The Find and Contact Funnel

The find and contact funnel represents the basic workflow of the platform. You begin by importing a list of people you want to contact or manual adding the contacts. Next you can use batch skip tracing or skip tracing people searches to find phone numbers, addresses, and emails for the contacts they imported.

Now you’re ready to contact people using phone calls, two-way texting, bulk texting, and dialer calls. As you have success reaching people you can make notes about your work, remove numbers and contacts you no longer need.

Finally, when you’ve gotten you’ve finished your work in BellesLink, you can export your contacts, as a group or individually, for use in other parts of your business.

The find and contact funnel is the way to start with a list and finish with results.

The Find and Contact funnel diagram

Contact Flow

Here’s a look at how contact groups connect everything in the skip tracing platform. Contacts are create and put into a group when you import a list, a batch search result, or manually enter the information.

Contact Group Actions

You can use a contact group to contact everyone in the group at once using the Contact Dialer for phone calls or the Bulk Text Messenger for texting.

Individual Contact Actions
From a contact record you can make a call or send a text to reach that individual. You can make notes about your work and set a reminder for a to-do.

New Searches Coming Soon

Paul Kulas previewed the next release of the skip tracing platform. All current skip tracing people searches will be updated to integrate with Contact Manager. From a people search result you’ll be able to create a new contact.

The new Contact Manager is the heart of an ever-improving BellesLink skip tracing platform. For more video tutorials, check out the Contact Manager CRM feature page.