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Keeping You Up To Date

No business can afford to miss customer calls and texts. That’s why we’ve added in-app notifications to BellesLink. Along with notifications by email or text, BellesLink is working to keep you up to date on all your important contacts.

In-App Notifications

When you have a new text message, voicemail, or batch search result the red notifications button will appear next to the BellesLink logo. Click the links to see what’s new.

How In-App Notifications Work

  • New Text Messages
    • Your new text messages will appear at the top of your conversations list.
  • New Voicemail Messages
    • New voicemails messages will be highlighted in green in your call activity list.
  • New Batch Search Results
    • Batch results will appear in your list.

Notifications by Email and Text

If you don’t log into your BellesLink account frequently, you can also have notifications sent to your email address or mobile number. Go to Setup, then User, then Settings. In User Settings, add the email and mobile number where you want to receive notifications.

Next turn on notifications for your phone number. Go to Setup, then Numbers, then choose the number to edit. In Advanced Settings at the bottom and choose which notifications you want to receive. You can be notified about incoming calls, voicemails, and texts. You can receive notifications by email, text, or both.

Changes to your notification setting take effect immediately, so you won’t miss a thing.

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