What is the Calling Extension?

The BellesLink Calling Extension for Google Chrome is a time-saving productivity tool. It lets you to call a phone number from a webpage, using your BellesLink account. You don’t have to copy and paste the number, you just click the BellesLink icon and call the number.

The BellesLink app is optimized for Google Chrome. This extension is only available for the Google Chrome browser.

When the extension is turned on, phone numbers on a web page will have a BellesLink icon next to it. Clicking the icon will open your BellesLink account in a small window, ready to make a call.

Installing the Extension

Log into your BellesLink account. Go to Calls > Place Call. Below the green Call button, you’ll see a link, “Install BellesLink Chrome Extension”.

Click the link to open the Chrome Web store and use the blue “Add to Chrome” button to add the extension to your browser.

After installation, refresh your browser window. In the Chrome Browser go to View > Reload This Page.

Calling Extension Link

If you don’t see the link, check to see if you already have the extension installed. Or use this link.

Google Web Store Help Link

For help installing and managing extensions, checkout this Google Chrome Store tutorial.

Using the Extension

With the extension installed and activated, you will see that phone numbers on web pages have a small BellesLink icon next to them. Just click the icon to place a call from your BellesLink account.

If you don’t see an icon next to a phone number, either the extension is not activated or the phone number, on the web page, is coded in a way that does not allow the extension to read it.

The phone calls you make from the Calling Extension are like any other call you make in BellesLink. You can add notes, leave a drop message, and create a contact from the phone number. Calls using the extension will show in your call activity.

If you have questions about how to install and use the BellesLink Calling Extension, visit the Contact page and send us a note.