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Check Your Numbers

We’ve updated two essential phone call features: Caller ID Search and Disconnected Number Check. Both of these features are available from inside a contact record and the results are automatically saved in the contact.

Caller ID Please

A caller ID search is exactly what is sounds like. This search will lookup the caller ID of a phone number. When you do this search inside a contact record, all the numbers in the contact will be searched. The results will be saved automatically saved in your contact.

Why Do a Caller ID Search?

Knowing the caller ID for a number is really useful and should be part of your regular phone call workflow. When you know the caller ID, you already have one addition piece of information about the person you’re going to call.

If your contact is Bob Smith and the caller ID search comes back as Jane Smith, then Jane is likely to answer when you call. That’s good information to know.

Let’s Connect

A Disconnected Number Check is a way to test if a phone is working or disconnected. When you run a check, all the numbers in the contact record will be tested. A number check can come back with three results: good, voicemail, disconnected. The result is automatically saved in your contact.

Why Check for a Disconnected Number?

Calling a disconnected numbers can waste a lot of time and should be avoided. Run a Disconnected Number Check before you make calls. If you add new numbers to a contact record run the check again. Only the numbers that haven’t been previously tested will be checked.

So, improve you phone calls with these two updated features.

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