More Improvements for Phone Calls

We’ve made more improvement for phone calls with updates to the Contact Dialer and the new Calling Extension for Google Chrome.

Contact Dialer Updates

We’ve updated the calling list filters in the Contact Dialer to include two requests from customers. The Contact Dialer is an efficient way to organize phone calls to list of numbers and these updates make it even better.

We’ve also updated Drop Messages to eliminate some technical issues. Drop Messages are a huge time savers and they help leave accurate messages when the calls you make go to voicemail.

For full-proof results when using a drop messages, we recommend you wait until you hear the tone at the end of the voicemail message, then use the Drop Message button to leave your message. Works every time.

Watch the tutorial about Contact Dialer updates and Drop Message tips »

Calling Extension for Google Chrome

The BellesLink Calling Extension for Google Chrome is a time-saving productivity tool. It lets you to call a phone number from a webpage, using your BellesLink account. You don’t have to copy and paste the number, you just click the BellesLink icon and call the number.

The BellesLink app is optimized for Google Chrome. This extension is only available for the Google Chrome browser.

When the extension is turned on, phone numbers on a web page will have a BellesLink icon next to it. Clicking the icon will open your BellesLink account in a small window, ready to make a call.

Watch the tutorial to learn how to install and use the calling extension »

More to Come

Spring has arrived here in the Rockies and while we’re all enjoying the return of song birds to our neighborhoods, our team is still focused on delivering continual improvements to BellesLink to help your business find and contact more customers. Look for more new features soon.