Voicemail Drop Messages For All Phone Calls

BellesLink has many features to make your phone calls more efficient, like voicemail drop messages and phone number alias.

BellesLink has many features to make your phone calls more efficient, like drop messages. We first created drop messages for use in the our Contact Dialer. They worked so well customers asked us to make them available for all phone calls in BellesLink.

Another efficiency feature we’ve made available for all phone calls is the phone number alias field. The alias field lets you give a unique name to phone number. You can use it to label contact numbers like work, home, or mobile, and use it to identify the number of a related person, such as wife, brother, or son.

Both these features, Drop Messages and the number alias field, are part of our March new feature releases.

What is a voicemail drop message for phone calls?

A voicemail drop message is a type of voicemail automation that is designed to accelerate the process of leaving voicemail messages. It allows a pre-recorded message to be dropped into a voicemail box, instead of you leaving the message yourself, every time.

Drop messages are great tool when you’re calling a list of people about the same topic and you want to leave them a voicemail with the same information.

Select a drop message from the dropdown menu.

Voicemail Drop Message overview and demo

Whether you’re placing a call, calling from a contact record, or using the Contact Dialer, drop messages can save you time, make your voicemail messages consistent and accurate, and give you an easy way to leave a detailed message you can use again and again.

Check out our tutorial on Drop Messages for an overview on this useful feature.

Using the phone number alias field

As you’re making calls, you discover who answers and owns the phone numbers in your contacts. Capturing this information in the phone number alias field helps you in future calls. We’ve added this useful feature to every place you make calls in you BellesLink account.

The phone number alias field is available in:

  • Contact records
  • Place Calls
  • Contact Dialer

Caller IDs in the alias field

If you’ve created a contact from a batch search, the caller IDs from your search results will be saved in the alias field for each number. The format for caller ID data is (CID: [name]).

There is more to come

Spring has arrived here in the Rockies and while we’re all gearing up to out in nature our team is still focused on delivering continual improvements to BellesLink to help your business find and contact more customers. Look for more new features soon.

We post new information to our tutorials page to keep you up to date. Like our newest tutorial, How To Use Batch People Search.