New Calling List Filters

We’ve updated the calling list filters in the Contact Dialer to include two requests from customers. The Contact Dialer is an efficient way to organize phone calls to list of numbers and these updates make it even better.

Last Called Today

The first calling list filter is Last Called. You can filter you list to numbers you’ve never called or numbers you called one or two weeks ago. Now you can filter the list to Call Today. These are numbers you called earlier on that calendar day.

This is useful when you want to re-call numbers that went to voicemail or were not answered this fist time you called them that day.

All Numbers with No Disconnected or Wrong

We’ve updated the default choice for the Number Status filter to include all numbers, except those that you have marked as disconnected or wrong numbers.

When you make calls in BellesLink, it’s best practice to save the status of the numbers you call. Use the number status drop down above the notes field to save whether the number was good, disconnected, or wrong.

Now your Contact Dialer calling lists will only include numbers with the number status of good or no status set.

Drop Messages, Wait for the Beep

For best results when using a drop messages, wait until you hear the tone at the end of the voicemail message, then use the Drop Message button to leave your message.

Drop Messages are a huge time savers and they help leave accurate messages when the calls you make go to voicemail. Choose or record a drop message before you make a call or start a dialer session. If a call is answered by a voicemail, wait for the beep, then use the Drop Message button. The BellesLink system will play your recorded message so it is recorded onto the person’s voicemail. This happens in the background so you can immediately move on to your next call.

To make this work, the BellesLink system listens to the voicemail, to detect the beep, and start recording. Due to variances in voicemail systems and call quality, it is difficult to get it right 100% of the time. Sometimes BellesLink will play the drop message too early or too late. We’ve recently made some updates to improve our accuracy.