How to Transfer a Call to Another User

Transfer a call to another logged in user in your BellesLink account.

If your BellesLink account has multiple users, you can transfer a call from one logged-in user to another. This is most useful when you have a virtual assistant making calls, because they can transfer the call to someone who can close the sale, instead of scheduling a callback that may never be answered.

Transferring a call is similar to adding a call, with one big difference. In a call transfer only two people are ever on the call at once, the customer and the caller or the customer and the transferred user. When you add a call, three people can be on the call at once. Watch our add a call tutorial for more details.

How to Transfer a Call

When using the Contact Dialer, click the Transfer Call link when you’re on an active call. Choose the user to transfer to from the dropdown list. Only logged in users will show in the dropdown.

When you click transfer your customer will be put on hold while the other user is called. When the user answers you can speak with them before confirming the transfer.

When you’ve placed a call or you’ve answered a call, the process is the same. When on an active call, click the Keypad button, then the transfer button.

Pro and Business Plans

BellesLink’s phone features, including local and toll-free numbers, the Contact Dialer, inbound and outbound calls, are available on the Pro and Business plans. If you have a Basic plan for current phone numbers, consider upgrading to add phone and texting. There’s no faster, easier way to go from search to phone call then with BellesLink.

If you have any questions, contact us by phone or email.