People Search Hit Rate. Why Does It Matter?

This small business entrepreneur is checking the skip tracing hit rate.

We report the people search hit rate on every batch search and we report our monthly average hit rate right on our website. What is a hit rate and why does it matter?

What is a People Search Hit Rate?

The hit rate equals the number of results, divided by the total number of searches. It’s written as a percentage.

For example, if you batch searched a list of 100 name and address records, and your search results returned information for 81 of those records, the hit rate would be 81%.
81 results / 100 searches = .81 = 81%

What is a Batch Search Result?

A BellesLink batch search result includes up to five working phone numbers, a most current address, and up to five email addresses. If a search returns any of that information, it is considered a hit.

Sometimes a search result includes only a most current address and no phone numbers, but not very often. BellesLink searches return an average of three working phone numbers per result. Our average hit rate is 80%+.

In the example above with 100 searches, your 81 search results would contain on average:

  • 81 most current addresses
  • 243 working phone numbers (avg. 3 per result)
  • 243 email addresses (avg. 3 per result)

That’s a lot of addresses, phone numbers, and emails to add to your marketing campaigns.

Why Does Hit Rate Matter?

As a data buyer, the average hit rate is your best predictor of value. It answers the question, will I get my money’s worth? Put another way, will I get enough good data to make the search worth the price? At BellesLink, the answer is, yes.

BellesLink is the best value in people search. I get a lot for my money. I use their batch search to expand my lists with accurate phone numbers, addresses, and emails. The hit rate is always high. I’d pay more for BellesLink if I had to. It’s the best I’ve found. — Link Ervin, Real Estate Investor

The Average Matters Most

Remember, it’s average hit rate that matters. Batch searches run with lists from difference sources will have different hit rates. An email list you built yourself will have high-quality data. A purchased list will have lower quality data.

A high, average people search hit rate means a provider is delivering good results from high-quality list sources, low-quality list sources, and everything in between. That means you’re getting the best value for the money you spend on people search.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Subscribe to our blog and get our monthly hit rate report. If you’re wondering if BellesLink is worth the price, we think our consistently high hit rate will convince you.

If you’re already a BellesLink customer, the hit rate of every batch you run is reported with your search results. Use it to understand the data quality of the lists you are searching.