Find a Database You Hate the Least

Find a Database You Hate the Least

Public records databases are a part of people search. For some, databases are all they rely on. For others, databases are just one tool in the toolbox.

No matter how you see it one thing is true, no database has everything. If one did, there wouldn’t be competition amongst data providers. Something else that's true is this -- new regulations and privacy concerns means the database informati... [Read more »]

Making Automated Calls Without Violating Compliance Regulations

Many small to medium sized companies, whose business involves consumer financing, want to use automated calls, commonly called robo-calls, to contact customers about their accounts.

The ability to make automated calls is a feature in BellesLink. Because of this, we are often asked what’s required to stay in compliance with federal, state, and local laws. So, we’ve put together an overview... [Read more »]