Free People Search Sites Cost You Money

Free Database SearchesThe internet has brought to us a huge amount of information. The problem is sifting through all that information to find that what is useful to you, and will help to find and contact people quickly and efficiently. Free people search services look like a good option at first, but they come with a cost you may not be aware of.

In your business, you’re interested in name, phone, and address information. The tools you use need to be readily available, you need to document what you’ve searched for, the information you’ve discovered, and a way to retrieve that information.

It all boils down to :
address + phone = Name
name + phone = Address
name + address = Phone

Free People Search Only Gets You Halfway There

The first problem with free people search databases, is that you don’t get all you need in one place. Whatever you get on one free site, you still have to visit other multiple services to find all the information you need. For example, the free site will give you a name for a number, or an address, but nothing else. What you need but don’t get is: address or phone history, what type of phone it is, or porting history. This makes sense to them, because if they gave you all you needed for free—you’d never sign-up for an account. They provide the free information as a loss leader in order to get you to create an account and pay for the information. Again, whatever you get from a free site, you still have to go to another site, invest more time and time is money.

Your Time Isn’t Free

The next problem with free people search, is that you have to copy and paste the information into whatever you’re using now to manage your cases. Let’s say you use a free site 5 or 6 times a day, that’s 25 or 30 times a week. How much time is that? Even if it’s only 30 minutes a week then then time is money.

So let’s say you spend just 1 hour a week going back and forth between free sites, copying and pasting information. The cost for anyone good at doing people searches is at least $40.00 per hour, plus bonuses, all in. Those “free” sites are costing you, the employer, at least $40.00 per week – per employee. If you’re a sole proprietor doing the searches, what’s your time worth? Let’s say you factor your time to worth $100.00 per hour. Those “free” sites are costing you $100.00 per week.

There’s one “free” database search service that has 30 different searches—everything from fatal accident statistics to climate data. To get the information you need requires an account and what does climate data have to do with searches? Another site does nothing but provide links to other sites—great if you want esoteric information about radio antenna transmitters in a certain area, not so much if you’re trying to find or contact someone.

You save time and money with BellesLink

You never have to leave our website for database people searches. All searches are automatically recorded into our case manager. No more cut and paste. All searches are saved in your search history. You don’t go down a rabbit hole seeking information. You remain focused on your objective—find the person, find the number, find the address.

If you can get information from a program that you are already using, you save huge amounts of time. If you save 12 minutes per case and deal with 5 cases a day, you just saved an hour’s worth of time. What’s your employee costing you per hour, all in? What do you factor your time to be worth? An hour here and an hour there adds up.

BellesLink gives you value unavailable anywhere else

We’re able to include database searches in each of our plans, because of the cost and operational advantages we’ve developed over the last 12 years. Our searches query individual and different combinations of databases to provide you the most relevant responses to your inquiries. Depending on the type of searches you’re doing in BellesLink you’ll save anywhere from $30 to $360 or more, per month, in search costs with our Pro Plan—and only pay $25 per month to do so. Of course this doesn’t address everything else included in our Pro Plan—phone numbers, text messaging, recorded calls, email, expert training and free support. There’s never been anything else like BellesLink, in terms of cost and value.