BellesLink is a Great Choice for People Search Databases


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Introducing BellesLink Unlimited Database Searches.

BellesLink cuts the high-cost of database people searches by giving you unlimited search with every BellesLink plan. Get the details here.


We want to take a look at how BellesLink keeps costs down while offering superior advantages to what you are using now.

BellesLink is a Great Choice for People Search Databases

People searches, using online databases to find information that will help you connect with a subject, is a big part of repossessions and investigations. The people searches that are available with BellesLink help you quickly and efficiently do your job. BellesLink helps you track down leads, verify information, and develop new information that leads you to a new address or a new phone number.

Nine Built-in Types of Database People Searches

BellesLink has database searches built in—9 of them. Everything from caller ID look ups to neighbor searches. With the neighbor search, customers are reporting to us they are sometimes able to find cell phones that are associated with a street address — cell phone numbers that they didn’t have before. BellesLink people searches include:

  • Neighbors
  • Reverse Number
  • Name and City
  • Household
  • Reverse Address
  • Family
  • Number Portability history

Each search accesses different databases, and combinations of databases, to help you find the information you need.

Like everything in BellesLink, searches, and results are linked to a case. This saves you time copying and pasting information, or creating reports. We also save all your searches, so you can easily view them anytime. This saves you time and money.

Free Instead of Pay-Per-SearchPeople search costs can eat up repossession profit.

See the cost comparison spreadsheet for the savings you realize with BellesLink.

The searches included in BellesLink are highly valuable and will save you time and money each month. But don’t sign up for BellesLink just because of the database savings. Sign up for BellesLink because you get everything you need for investigations and repossessions, all in one place – communications, case management, database searches, outstanding service and expert support.

In our next post—Database People Search: What’s it Costing You?—we will go into detail about how pay-per-search costs add up and how “terms and conditions” can make a service useless and a liability to investigations and skip tracers.

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