Batch Search Sales Dialer: Yup It’s a Thing

A batch skip tracing sales dialer is a thing.

A batch search sales dialer might sound like an odd combination to you, but I guarantee it makes perfect sense.

Businesses who use batch search aren’t looking for good phone numbers, they are actually looking for good conversations with people who might become their customers. Of course, cold calling is the way most of those conversations are started and BellesLink is a great tool for cold calling.

So, it makes perfect sense to put our batch search tool and our virtual phone system together to create the Contact Dialer. The Contact Dialer is a single line sales dialer that is fully integrated with our batch search. With one click you can send your batch search results to the dialer and begin calling.

Send Batch Search Results to the Contact Dialer

Because the dialer is part of our people search platform you don’t have to import spreadsheets full of phone numbers to begin making calls. From your batch results page, you can click once and send an entire list straight to the dialer. When you do, all the names, addresses, and phone numbers from your batch results are added into a new call list that you can begin calling immediately. Really, it’s that easy.

How Our Dialer is Different

Lots of sales dialers use technology that pre-calls the next number in the background and makes the caller wait in silence or listen to a message until you finish your current call. We think that creates a bad call impression.

It’s a bad experience for the person being called to answer then have to wait to be spoken to. I know I don’t like it when it happens to me.

It might help a salesperson make a lot of calls, but it doesn’t help them make a lot of contacts. Our Contact Dialer is different. It’s focused on helping you make quality contacts.

The Contact Dialer is a single-line preview dialer. Single-line means only one call is active at one time. The next call only begins when you hang up the current call. Nobody is waiting in the background being ignored.

Our dialer is fully-compliant with the Federal Communication Commission, FCC, regulations. Multi-line power dialers and predictive dialers, like Mojo, are beginning to be scrutinized by the FCC for their similarities to non-compliant robocalls.

Being a preview dialer means you can see your complete call list during the session and you control the pace. You can call any number and you can pause between calls to make notes. You can also save your progress and come back to the session later.

See How the Contact Dialer Works

See how to go from a batch search to the dialer and how to set up your dialing session with helpful features like a drop message, call script, and auto call recording.


A Batch Search Sales Dialer is a Better Workflow

At the top of your sales funnel, batch search and cold calling are essential parts of your workflow. Just like too many cooks spoil the stew, using too many tools spoils your workflow.

Using BellesLink, your batch search and sales dialer are built into one system, you eliminated the need for extra data exports and imports, and you make your workflow simpler, faster, and more effective. Not to mention the money you’ll save by getting rid of a costly sales dialer subscription.

Get More From Your Batch Searches

The typical batch search service is data only—spreadsheet in, spreadsheet out. It doesn’t do much to help you make an effective sales workflow or help you make contact with customers. BellesLink is different.

Like our sales dialer, we are trying to make the best batch search tool and make it do more for you. By bringing innovative features like our easy uploader, number scrubbing, merged exports, and the Contact Dialer you get more from batch search than just a pile of data, you get contacts with customers.

Check out the Contact Dialer, It’s available for free with our Pro and Business subscription plans.