Better Batch Search Export and Easy Data Merge

Batch Skip Tracing Export and Easy Data Merge

You might not realize it at first but, having the right options for a batch search export saves you a lot of time and hassle.

If the format of your batch search results is good, you can get to work immediately and begin contacting your leads. But, if the format of the data is bad, it’s going to be a whole lot of hassle to rearrange the spreadsheet without making a mistake that ruins your batch.

If you want to merge your search results into your original leads list, so all your data is in one place, that’s going to take a lot of work if you don’t have a customized customer relationship manager or plugins for your spreadsheet program to automate the data merge.

There is a way to avoid these hassles but, you can’t do it with a typical batch search.

Typical Batch Search Export

The typical batch search service works like this: spreadsheet in, spreadsheet out. There are no options when you upload your list or when you download your search results.

In fact, most services make you use their spreadsheet template which limits your options even further and creates the potential for mistakes. You can read my blog post, Upload a Batch Search List Without Spreadsheet Hassles, to learn how to avoid those problems. But, let’s get back to exporting batch search results and how to do it better.

I know it sounds easy to say but, BellesLink really is trying to build the best batch search software. One of the things that makes our service better than any other is our batch export options.

BellesLink Batch Export Options

When you export batch search results from your BellesLink account you can do it two different ways.

Export Results Only

The first way you can export is search results only. This will give you only the data that came back in the search results. Choosing this will download a spreadsheet with columns that include:

  • A unique record ID.
  • The name and address you searched.
  • An updated address, if it’s more current than the one you searched.
  • Up to five working phone numbers, each with its caller ID and phone type.
  • Up to five email addresses

Merged Results

The second way you can download your search results is with a merged export. This is what makes BellesLink better than any other service.

When you upload your list, we save a copy of that file in your account. When you choose a merged export, you get a file that has all your batch search results merged back into your original spreadsheet! All your original columns and data are included, along with added columns listed above, for your results.

Merged export saves you a ton of time and hassle. You don’t need to be a spreadsheet genius or pay extra for data merge software. It’s all built into your BellesLink account.

No Template Makes Merged Export Possible

The reason merged export is possible with BellesLink, and not with any other batch service, is because we do not force you to use a spreadsheet template. We allow you to use your file, in your format, with as many columns as you need.

After you add your file to our batch uploader you’ll choose which name and address columns BellesLink should use for the search. If your file has one hundred other columns of data you need in your list, it doesn’t matter. We will search on the columns you choose and ignore the rest.

Because we save a copy of your original list when you upload it, we can merge it with your search results when you export. You can have all your columns of data in one clean, accurate file.

Better Batch Search

Batch search export options and easy data merge are two of the things that set BellesLink apart. You might not realize how important they are the first time you use batch search, but you’ll soon find out that data format is part of data quality. The quality can’t be good if the format isn’t good, too.

You don’t have to settle for the basic spreadsheet in, spreadsheet out process you get from typical batch services. You can have export options that help you get more from your batch search data.