Voicemail Drop Messages are a Sales Dialer Super Power

Voicemail drop messages are a sales dialer super power.
Sales dialers save you time by eliminating the need to physically dial phone numbers. But there is another feature of BellesLink’s Contact Dialer that will save you even more time, and give your cold-call game a huge boost, voicemail drop messages. Voicemail drop messages are a sales dialer super power.

What is a Voicemail Drop?

A voicemail drop is a type of voicemail automation that is designed to accelerate the process of leaving voicemail messages. It allows a pre-recorded message to be dropped into a voicemail box, instead of the caller to leave the message themselves.

How Does a Voicemail Drop Work in BellesLink?

Voicemail drop messages use a pre-recorded message instead of leaving a voicemail.

When using the Contact Dialer, the moment a call goes to voicemail you can “drop” a pre-selected message with a single click and move onto the next call. In the background, the system will deliver your message to the voicemail box.

When you start your dialing session, you choose an existing drop message from your message library or record a new one. We always suggest recording a custom message that will be relevant to the list you’re calling.

Time Savings from Voicemail Drop

Dialers save time, but voicemail drop messages save even more time. That is why I call consider them a sales dialer super power.

Automated dialing will save about 30 seconds per call, which saves about an hour of your time for a typical dialer session. A voicemail drop saves you about 45 seconds per call, so the time saved adds up even more quickly.

On a typical dialer session of 120 calls, the BellesLink customer average, using the Contact Dialer with a drop message will save a whopping 1 hour and 45 minutes of your time. The time saved will also lower the total number of call minutes used during the session, saving you even more.

Other Advantages of Drop Messages

Using the Contact Dialer with drop messages has other advantages:

  • Quality-Using prerecorded drop message ensures that every voicemail message sounds perfect and lively. Sales people often sound less enthusiastic toward the ends of their workdays after leaving many manual messages.
  • Optimization-Using prerecorded voicemails lets you test which voicemail messages get the most responses. This data can help you optimize your calling campaign.
  • Personalization–Drop messages can be customized for the list you’re calling and recorded to be speedy. As an example, if you’re calling a list of home owners from a single area, include a mention of their neighborhood or city in your voicemail script to establish your knowledge of the market.

Use This Sales Dialer Super Power

Voicemail drop messages are a sales dialer super power. They save you more time per call, and create quality and consistency in your voicemail messages. The great thing is, to get this super power, you don’t need to be a Marvel superhero. All you need is a BellesLink Pro Plan or Business Plan account.

Given the high number of your dialer calls that will go to voicemail, delivering higher quality messages is going to create better cold calling results. That, really is super.