Sales Dialer ROI-Call Disposition Data

Figure sales dialer roi using call disposition data

When we talk about sales dialer return on investment or sales dialer ROI, we’re not just looking at how many leads, deals, or sales came from your calls. We are also looking at the efficiency of your calls and how much time you don’t waste doing things manually, that you could automatically.

Call dispositions are one of the small things that make a big difference when you automate them. Automated, or one-click, dispositions make your calls more efficient and give you performance data you can analyze to increase your ROI.

What is a Call Disposition, and How Can Measuring It Increase Sales Dialer ROI?

A call disposition describes the outcome of a call. They include statuses like, “left message,” “contact-yes”, and even “bad number.” Customer service teams log call dispositions and sales teams do, too. It’s considered best practice to record call outcomes immediately after a call.

Call dispositions give you valuable intelligence you can use to optimize your team’s phone performance and sales process. Properly implemented, call dispositions are actually huge time savers. They act as a one-click shorthand for call outcomes and save reps lots of time in manual note-taking.

How Do Call Dispositions Work?

Imagine you’re a sales rep dialing down a list of numbers in a cold calling campaign. After each call, you want to record what happened. Were you able to contact the person? Do you need to follow up? Was there no answer? Instead of manually taking notes of all these outcomes, you can use a one-click call result button in the BellesLink Contact Dialer to instantly record the disposition and move onto the next call.

Call result buttons standardize your data so it can effectively be used to analyze ROI and displayed in performance reports. Trends in your call results can be tracked and used to inform your sales and marketing strategy.

Why Is Call Disposition Data Important?

Call disposition data provides you with greater insight into your sales team’s performance, process, and sales dialer ROI. For example, a high number of a particular call result can alert you to either a problem or an opportunity.
Use call disposition data to know sales dialer roi.
In BellesLink call dispositions include:

Left Message – This can either be a live message or an automated drop message you pre-recorded. Too many messages left could indicate a person should be removed from the list or contacted by email or text. It may also indicate a need for a more local presence and you should consider using an area code that is local to the list you’re calling.

No Answer – The number of attempts to these numbers should be limited and made at different times of the day.

Bad Number – Too many disconnected or no service numbers could mean you have a problem with your lead source or list service.

Left Voicemail – If too many calls are going to voicemail, it could be time to do an audit to remove specific leads from follow-up lists that always go to voicemail so reps don’t waste their time calling them.

Contact Yes – If a high number of calls turn into leads, then your cold calling campaign is performing well. However, if calls with this disposition is low, you will need to examine the reasons further. Your sales rep may need more training, your script may need improvement, or your call list isn’t targeted to the right people.

Contact No – If you are reaching people but can’t convert them to leads you need to examine your targeting and your offer. Be sure your sales reps are the right questions to understand why potential customers aren’t choosing to engage with you.

Do Not Call Again – Are a high volume of calls getting rejected indicates your call list is not targeted to the right customers. Take a close look at your list building strategies and criteria.

The Power of One-Click Call Dispositions

You’ll love call dispositions because of the significant time savings they provide for you and your team. Call result buttons remove the need to waste time entering long and frivolous notes after each and every call, especially for those who are not enthusiastic about data entry. If a note is needed for added context, it’s simple to enter those too, in the notes field immediately below the call result buttons.

Tools like BellesLink’s Contact Dialer streamline this process by automating after-call actions and simplifying others. The dialer creates an easier method of capturing call data you can use to analyze performance, identify areas for improvement, and understand your sales dialer ROI.

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