The Contact Dialer: A Preview Dialer For Batch Search

A real estate investor is calling a list of customers using the Contact Dialer, BellesLink’s built-in preview dialer.

If your business makes a lot of phone calls, a preview dialer is something you should consider adding to your workflow because it can save you a lot of time and improve the return on investment, or ROI, of your calling campaigns.

This post will give you an overview of the Contact Dialer, BellesLink’s built-in preview dialer.

What Is A Preview Dialer?

A preview dialer is an automated telephone dialing system that saves you the time of manually dialing numbers but still gives you control over the pace of the calls. Preview dialers use a single phone line, so you’re only making one call at a time, which is different than a power dialer or predictive dialer.

Using a preview dialer, you can see your calling-list, which typically includes contact information and notes, so you know who you’re calling and can see essential information you’ll need to make the most of the call.

At the end of each call, preview dialers give you the option to save information about the call disposition—was it answered or did it go to voicemail—and notes about the outcome of the call. Saving call dispositions builds up stats about your dialing sessions, which let you analyze your call performance. Analyze the performance of your dialing campaigns is what helps increase their ROI.

How a Preview Dialer Saves You Time

The BellesLink preview dialer saves you time and improves the efficiency of your calling campaigns in four ways.

The Contact Dialer Eliminates Manual Dialing

Dialing a phone seems like such a simple thing, but it takes more time than you think. In fact, it takes an average of 15 seconds per call. Over typical dialing session, automated dialing can save you a half-hour or more.

The Contact Dialer Automates Voicemails

As a business, your goal is to make contact with a potential customer, so leaving a compelling voicemail message is essential. Manually leaving a voicemail, though, takes 45 seconds per call. Over a typical dialing session, you may spend 25% of your time just leaving voicemails.

The Contact Dialer eliminates the time wasted on voicemails by giving you the option to use a drop message. A drop message is a pre-recorded voicemail you activate when the call you’re making goes to voicemail. The drop message waits for the tone, then plays in the background while you move on to the next phone call.

The Contact Dialer Use One-Click Call Dispositions

At the end of each call, it’s important to save the results to analyze the performance of the dialing session later. The Contact Dialer gives you a set of one-click call disposition buttons to quickly record call results and move onto the next call. A note field is also available if you need to add more details.

Though you control the pace of the dialing session, you can still keep it fast and efficient by using the one-click dispositions.

The Contact Dialer Seamlessly Integrates With Batch Search

For many of our customers, the source of their dialing list is a BellesLink batch search result. Because the Contact Dialer is integrated into the BellesLink platform, you can send batch search results to the dialer without the need to import a spreadsheet. With one click, all the names, addresses, and phone numbers from your BellesLink batch results are added into a new call list you can begin calling immediately.

How to Add a Preview Dialer to Your Workflow

The Contact Dialer, BellesLink’s built-in preview dialer, comes free with Pro and Business Plan subscriptions. The dialer uses the monthly call minutes included with each plan. If you need more minutes, they can be purchased at any time.

If you have a Basic Plan already, you can upgrade your subscription and get instant access to all of BellesLink’s phone and text features, including the Contact Dialer.

Watch the demo to see a complete overview of the dialer and how to use it. If you have questions, contact us by phone or email.