BellesLink Phone and Text System: What’s Included

A real estate investor is contacting clients using BellesLink's phone and text system.

One of the things that makes BellesLink unique is our phone and text system. Combined with our people searches and batch searches, our virtual phone features let you find contact information for a customer and contact them by phone or text, all in one app.

A Phone and Text System

Our virtual phone and text system is full-featured and includes all the essentials you would expect from any business phone system.

  • Local & Toll-Free Numbers
  • Inbound/Outbound Calls
  • Unlimited Voicemail
  • Unlimited Call Recording
  • Custom Messages
  • Send & Receive SMS texts

A Sales Dialer Is Included In Our Phone System

The BellesLink Contact Dialer, a single line sales dialer, is included with our phone and text system. The Contact Dialer is the perfect tool anytime you need to call a list of people. Avoiding manual number dialing will save you 30 seconds per call and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your cold-calling.

Phone and Text Are Available in Pro and Business Plans

Our phone and text system is available in our Pro and Business Plans. Both plans come with local phone numbers which you can change to any U.S. area code. Localizing your phone number area code significantly increases answered-calls and call-backs.

Each plan also includes monthly call minutes which are used for making outbound calls. If you need more call minutes, you can buy them at anytime.

Texts are also included with each plan and renew monthly.

If you have a Basic Plan and want access to phone and text features, you can upgrade at any time, to a Pro or Business plan.

The Google Chrome Browser is Required for Calls and Texts

BellesLink phone and text features are optimized for the Google Chrome Browser.
If you don’t have it, go to to download and install the latest version

Phone and Text System Features

Calls Page

The Calls Page is a log of all the inbound and outbound calls, voicemails and recorded calls. From here you can return a call, send a text, listen to call recordings, listen to voicemails, read and download voicemail transcripts.

Place Calls Page

The Place Calls page is where you make outbound calls directly through your web browser.
For the best call experience, it’s helpful to have a microphone headset.

Before you place a call, you choose the phone number and caller ID you want to use, if your account has multiple phone numbers. You can also choose to record the call. Call recording is free and unlimited.

Adding Local Numbers

Pro plan subscribers get one phone number with their account, Business plan customers get three. Additional numbers can be added to any account. To add a local number go to Set Up / Add Local Numbers.

Number Set Up

When you add a number, you’ll want to set it up with voicemail messages, calling forward, etc. Go to Set Up / Number Set up to get access to those settings. In the Exchange, you’ll find a detailed number set up tutorial.

Sending a Text

Throughout BellesLink, anytime you see a linked phone number you can rollover it and get an action menu with links to make a call or send a text to that number.

When you choose Send a Text, you’ll be taken to the Send Text page. Before you send your text, you’ll choose the phone number and caller ID you want to use. Then you’ll enter your message and push send.

Inbound text will show up on the Text Results page where you can see all your text conversations.

A Phone and Text System For Small Businesses

BellesLink combines a virtual phone and text system with batch search and people search. Typically businesses need separate systems for this, which is both more costly and less efficient. BellesLink is a faster, easier way to contact customers at the phone numbers through batch and people searches.

That’s a quick overview of phone and text features in BellesLink. Watch the video tutorial to see BellesLink in action. If you have any questions or need some help, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email.