Texting Messaging Compliance is Built In

When contacting customers, text messaging is a great way to do it. Studies show the majority of texts are read, so it’s an effective way to reach the people who matter to your business. While phone calls are still best for conversations, two-way text messaging is perfect for marketing to customers, reminders, and follow-ups.

Federal regulations require that you, as a business, have express written consent from your customers before you text to them. That means you need to get their opt-in to receive text messages from your business. Compliance with these regulations is built into BellesLink.

We Make Best Practices Easy

Text messaging best practices focus on sending clear, credible messages to your customers. We‘ve all received a SPAM text that looked suspicious. The best practices baked into BellesLink make your text messages stand out as trustworthy business communications.

These best practices include the use of toll-free numbers for texting, which telecom carriers require for compliance monitoring. The benefit to your business is better deliverability and higher delivery rates.

In opt-in request messages, BellesLink automatically includes your business name and reply-to phone number so it’s clear to the customer who the message is from. These pre-formatted messages can be customized with a website URL and business details to make them more credible and effective at creating opt-ins.

Building Your Opt-In List

A text opt-in is a valuable connection with your customer and BellesLink has tools to help you request and receive opt-ins so you can text 1-to-1 with your customers. You can request an opt-in from a customer anywhere in BellesLink that you can make a call or send a text. The opt-ins you receive are recorded in your account for compliance reporting.

Getting an Opt-in During a Phone Call

For businesses that use cold calling, the best way to get an opt-in is to ask for it when you have the customer on a phone call. Ask if you can text them some information. Let them know you need their permission to text with them, so you will first send them an opt-in request.

During a call, you can send a request by using the Request Opt-in button included in the call controls. You can customize your opt-in request with a website url and business details. Once they reply YES, their opt-in will be recorded and you are free to text them 1-to-1.

Getting an Opt-in From a First-Contact Text

You can send an opt-in request as a first contact from either the Text Messages screen or from the Contact Manager by starting a new conversation using the customer’s number. At the bottom of the message column, use the “Send a custom opt-in request to this contact.” link. You can customize your opt-in request with a website url and business details. When the customer replies YES, their opt-in is recorded in your account and you are free to text with them, in full compliance.

Customizing Opt-in Request Messages

You can customize your opt-in request messages to make them more descriptive of your business and more effective at creating opt-ins, all while maintaining compliance and meeting best practices. The customizable elements of your messages are business name, website url, and business details.

We encourage you to include all these elements in your opt-in requests. They build credibility and trust with your customers and ultimately create more text opt-ins from your customers. You can update your business name, add website URLs, and business details in the Text Message Opt-In Settings of your account.

Maintaining Text Messaging Compliance

Once you’ve received an opt-in from your customer, maintaining compliance is easy. In BellesLink you can only text using a toll-free number, so that ensures carrier compliance. If you keep the content of you text messages professional you’ll stay away from banned language.

You Can’t Text SHAFT

Prohibited content includes SHAFT—sex, hate, alcohol, firearms, and tobacco. Including content related to any of these topics in your opt-in or any of your messages is considered one of the highest violations, and may result in an immediate ban.

Text Message Commands

Customers are always in control of their opt-in and they can change it using text commands. These words will update the opt-in status of your customer’s phone number.

  • Yes: Will opt-in the customer’s phone number when it follows an opt-in request message.
  • Stop: Will opt-out a customer anytime, when it is the only word in the reply.
  • Unstop: Will re-activate the customer’s opt-in. Use this when an opt-out is accidental.

Compliance Records

The opt-ins you receive are recorded in your account and are visible in the Contact Manager, on the phone number in the customer’s contact record. The data can be exported, including the opt-in status of all the customer’s phone numbers in their record.

A Guide to Texting Compliance in BellesLink

Text messaging is a great way to reach the people who matter to your business. The express written consent, the opt-in, that Federal regulations require is worth getting because it creates a value connection with you customer. If you’re going to text, do it the right way with BellesLink.

For more details on text messaging compliance in BellesLink checkout our guide the tutorials section of our website.