A Guide to Registering Your Business for Texting

New texting requirements for businesses who use SMS texting

Mobile carriers implemented a new registration requirement to help verify SMS text messaging traffic from business phone numbers. These requirements apply to all BellesLink customers sending text messages from their BellesLink accounts, regardless of use case.

Why do I have to register my business for texting?

As business SMS traffic increases, so do scammers sending fraudulent messages. Per the 10 Digital Long Code (10DLC) application to person (A2P) classification, legitimate businesses who register can send messages, and carriers can block spam texts from unregistered sources.

What is 10 Digital Long Code (10DLC)?

10DLC is a type of long code that is registered with carriers to support high volume A2P SMS messaging using the 10-digit phone number format. This includes the 10 digit toll-free numbers BellesLink requires its customers use for text messaging.

What is Application to Person (A2P)?

A2P designates a business service that provides SMS messaging between a web or mobile application and a person or customer. This differs from the designation of P2P, or person to person messaging, which is what you do on your personal mobile phone. BellesLink is an A2P service.

Which carriers require business registration for texting?

As of January 6, 2022, the following carriers require registration for business texting:

  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon
  • ClearSky
  • Interop
  • US Cellular

What do I get when I register my business?

The text messages you send will have the best possible delivery rate. An approved TCR registration will allow your business to send text messages using a verified, text-enable toll-free number without your messages being blocked.

The BellesLink toll-free number submitted with your registration becomes your business’ verified text-enable toll-free number. Your verified text-enable toll-free number is associated with your business until you change it.

How do I register my business for text messaging?

To be able to send text messages, your business must be registered with The Campaign Registry (TCR), a third-party organization, through our service provider. This process verifies you’re a legitimate SMS/MMS text message source. BellesLink will submit your registration for you.

Here is the process for both current and future texting customers.

Current BellesLink Customers Must Opt-In for Texting

As of February 1, 2023 current customers who are using BellesLink for texting must opt-in to be registered for business texting with The Campaign Registry (TCR) through our service provider. BellesLink will submit your registration for you at no cost.

Customers need to opt-in using our Business Texting Registration Opt-in form to start the process. The deadline to opt-in is March 7, 2023.

If you have multiple users in your BellesLink account, a separate opt-in is required for each user.

Customers may choose not to register their business for texting. In this case you don’t need to do anything. Current customers who do not opt-in to be registered will no longer be able to send or receive text messages from their BellesLink account after March 7, 2023.

Customers who do not register for texting will still be able to use their current toll-free numbers for phone calls. Registration for business texting does not effect making or receiving phone calls from a BellesLink toll-free phone number.

Can I register my business for texting later?

Customers who are not currently texting from their BellesLink account or who choose not to register their business at this time, may add texting to their BellesLink account in the future.

To do this, you will add a text-enabled toll-free number to your BellesLink account. When you do, a business registration for texting will be submitted as part of the number setup process.

Customers may be required to pay registration fees charged by carriers, our service provider, or TCR.

What business information is submitted with the registration?

This is the information required for business text registration. You will enter this information on the Business Texting Registration Opt-in form.

  • Legal business name
    • This must match how your business is registered with the corresponding federal agency that issues your business registration number/ EIN/ Tax ID (e.g. IRS SS-4).
  • Business type
    • Your business entity type, S-Corp, C-Corp, or LLC, or sole proprietor.
  • Business address
    • Your legal business address.
  • Business email
    • The main customer support email for your business.
  • Business phone number
    • The main customer support phone number for your business.
  • Toll-free texting number
    • The toll-free BellesLink number already in your account that you want to have text-enabled. One text-enable toll-free number is allowed for each BellesLink user account.

Does registering make by business information public or visible to the customers I text?

No. Registration does not make your business information public or change the way your texts look to your customers. Registration does not change the caller ID of your text-enabled toll-free number.

What if my business has multiple BellesLink user accounts?

If you have multiple BellesLink user accounts, a separate opt-in is required for each user account. For each opt-in submission, include the user ID and the toll-free texting number used in that user account.

What if my business uses multiple toll-free numbers for texting?

With these new industry requirements, only one text-enable toll-free number will be allowed for each BellesLink user account. If your user account(s) have more than one toll-free texting number, choose the one you want to register and include it in your registration opt-in. Any other toll-free numbers in your account can still be used for making and receiving phone calls but will not be text-enabled.

What If I Don’t Want My Business to be Registered?

Customers may choose not to register their business for texting. Current customers who do not opt-in to be registered will no longer be able to send or receive text messages from their BellesLink account.

You may add texting to your BellesLink account and register your businesses in the future.

Can I Still Make Calls With My Toll-Free Numbers If I Don’t Register for Texting?

Yes. While business texting must use a toll-free number, registration for business texting does not effect making or receiving phone calls from BellesLink toll-free phone number.

Toll-free numbers which are NOT text-enabled though business registration can still be used for phone calls.

How long does registration take?

As of February 1, 2023 there is a high volume of registration requests. As such, registration, submission, pending approval, and final approval may take three to four weeks.

Once a registration is submitted and reviewed your business approval will be pending. Businesses with a pending approval status may send and receive text messages through their BellesLink account.

How can I check my approval status?

Your approval status for a registered text-enabled toll-free number will be shown in the text messaging settings of your BellesLink account. On the main menu go to Setup then Text Messaging.

Can I send, receive, or reply to text messages from my BellesLink account without registering my business?

No. BellesLink customers are required to be registered with the TCR through our service provider to have text messaging enabled in their BellesLink account.

I have text opt-ins from customers. Are those still valid if I register my business?

Yes. Any opt-ins you have recorded in your BellesLink account will still be valid.

Who regulates business text messaging?

Business text messaging is regulated by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the CTIA. The FCC adopts what CTIA sets as regulations as valid policies. CTIA publishes Best Practices and Principles for Messaging every quarter.