A Guide to Registering Your Business for Texting

New registration requirements for businesses who use texting

Mobile carriers have implemented a new registration requirement to help verify SMS text messaging traffic from business phone numbers. This requirement is designed to prevent fraud and spam traffic.

Businesses who register and have their toll-free texting numbers verified will be allowed to send text messages without restrictions. Carriers will block some or all texts sent from unregistered businesses with unverified numbers.

This registration requirement applies to all BellesLink customers sending text messages from their accounts, regardless of their use case.

Customers will submit their business texting registration through BellesLink. Once submitted, BellesLink will review the information for completeness before submitting it to The Campaign Registry (TCR), a third-party industry group, for verification and approval.

Once a customer’s registration is submitted to the TCR, their toll-free number verification is pending. While in a pending state customers can text from their BellesLink account. Some volume restrictions apply until the number is verified.

Required information for registration

Before you begin your registration, gather up the information you will need. This will include samples of the text messages you plan to send and screenshots of how your customers will opt-in to your text messages. Your opt-in method might include a checkbox at the end of a paper or web sign up form or a keyword that your audience texts to subscribe. Also have the company details that are associated with the BellesLink user accounts you are registering.

We’ve create a step-by-step guide for business texting registration and a guide to text opt-in methods. Refer these guides as you prepare to complete the registration form.

Registration process

The process begins by adding a text-enabled toll-free number to your BellesLink account, then completing the registration form. If you’ve gathered your information the form should only take 10-15 minutes to complete.

  1. Add a text-enabled toll-free number to your BellesLink account.
  2. Complete and submit the business texting registration form.
  3. BellesLink will review your submission and contact you if additional information is needed.
  4. Your registration will be submitted to The Campaign Registry for verification.
  5. You will be notified by email when you registration is pending and you can begin texting from your BellesLink account.
  6. You will be notified by email when you number is verified.

Benefits of a verified toll-free number

  1. Decreased chance of your messages being flagged or filtered for suspected spam, fraud, or high-risk keywords.
  2. Increase message delivery speeds with fewer interruptions and blocked messages.

Texting Guides

Checkout our tutorials and guides on business text messaging, registration requirements, and toll-free number verification.

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Text messaging is an efficient and convenient way to stay connected with customers. For businesses that rely on people search, you can start conversations on the phone and move them to text with an opt-in from your customer.

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