Custom Messages Turn Calls Into Leads

Calling a BellesLink Numbmer with a Custom Message

Last week I did a demo with Jen, a real estate investor who is looking for people search software. She said he had a great phone system for getting leads from bandit signs, yellow letters, and door hangers.

When I called her bandit sign number I got a different message.
“This Mailbox Is Full”.

Jen’s campaign was successful but her system was failing. She freaked out at the thought of losing leads. Then I showed her how to build a bullet-proof system with BellesLink phone numbers and custom messages.

A Custom Message Turns a Call Into a Lead

When you can’t answer the phone, you don’t want to lose the opportunity to turn a caller into a lead. Create a better system by setting up a BellesLink phone number for your marketing campaigns, then add custom messages to inform callers about your service or sell them on your offer when you can’t answer.

BellesLink is better than your mobile phone or VOIP phone because:

  • Voicemail is unlimited. Your mailbox is never full.
  • Set up multiple numbers to segment your leads.
  • Set up custom greetings and on-hold messages.
  • Add a phone menu for more options.
  • Call records are saved with caller IDs.
  • Get professionally recorded messages and expert set up.

Hear It For Yourself

We set up three demo numbers you can call and hear the value of custom messages for yourself. You can also find out more about our Custom Message Service on our website.

Call now: (469) 629-6226
Single Mailbox Campaign
When you can’t answer, a custom greeting message can give the details of a property you’re selling or explain the service your business offers.

Call now: (786) 724-1450
Mailbox, On-Hold Campaign
An on-hold message can provide details about your services before the call is connected to a live person.

Call now: (866) 220-7682
Mailbox Menu Campaign
Callers get a menu of mailbox choices which can each play a different message.

Setting Up Custom Messages

You can create and set up custom messages yourself or you can use our Custom Message Service. Check out the Custom Messages web page for more details.

<h2<Don’t Lose Leads

In a competitive market you can’t afford to lose leads because your mailbox is full. BellesLink numbers solve that problem and offer you a professional system your mobile phone or VOIP phone can’t match.

Best of all it’s already included in every BellesLink account.

If you have questions about any BellesLink’s phone & text features contact us at