Our Contact Dialer is Live

Icon of the BellesLink Sales Dialer
This week we’ve launched the new BellesLink sales dialer. We call it the Contact Dialer. It’s ready to use in every customer’s account. There’s no additional cost for the dialer. It uses the call minutes already included in every subscription plan.

What is a sales dialer?

A sales dialer is a phone system that sequentially calls phone numbers from a list, eliminating the need to manually dial each number. When the caller hangs up, the dialer quickly dials the next number and the results of the call, such as No Answer or Bad Number, are saved. If the call goes to voicemail a pre-recorded message can be played while the caller moves onto the next call.

How is a Contact Dialer Different?

Lots of sales dialers use technology that pre-calls the next number in the background and makes the caller wait in silence or listen to a message until you finish your current call. We think that creates a bad call impression. It’s a bad experience for the person answering the phone call. It might help a sales person make a lot of calls, but it doesn’t help them make a lot of contacts. Our Contact Dialer doesn’t work that way. It’s focused on helping you make contact.

Fast From Batch Search to Phone Call

The Contact Dialer is the fastest way to begin calling the people you found through a batch people search. Because it’s integrated into the BellesLink people search platform, you can send batch search results to the dialer without the need to import a spreadsheet. With one click, all the names, addresses, and phone numbers from your batch results are added into a new call list you can begin calling immediately.

See How the Contact Dialer Works

Here’s a demo of the dialer in action.

BellesLink customers can watch a series of tutorials videos to help you get started.

Is This a Power Dialer Like Mojo?

The BellesLink Contact Dialer is a single-line preview dialer. Single-line means only one call is active at one time. The next call begins when you hang up the current call. Our dialer is fully-compliant with Federal Communication Commission, FCC, regulations. Multi-line, power dialers, and predictive dialers are beginning to be scrutinized by the FCC for their similarities to non-compliant robo calls.

Being a preview dialer means you can see your complete calling list during the session and you control the pace of calls. You can skip any number and you can pause between calls to make notes. You can also save your progress and come back to the session later.

Other Dialer Features

  • Drop Messages

    • When a call goes to voicemail you can drop a pre-recorded message and move onto the next call.
  • Call Scripts

    • Add your own call script to keep you message on point. Scripts are saved in a library for future use.
  • Import Call Lists

    • Upload a spreadsheet of names and numbers to create a new call list.
  • Call Recording

    • Call recording is free and a valuable way to assure call quality and train your team.
  • Calling Stats

    • Get valuable statistics on the performance of your call session, such as the total number of calls and the number of contacts made.
  • Export to a Spreadsheet

    • Export all your call results and notes to a .CSV spreadsheet.
  • Call Quality

    • Our Real-Time Web Communication system delivers clear conversations through the Google Chrome browser.

Included With Every Subscription

You don’t have to pay anything more to get the dialer. It’s already available inside your BellesLink account. Just create a call list and go.

Low Cost Call Minutes

The dialer uses the call minutes already included with your subscription. When you need more call minutes, Business plan customers can purchase more minutes at the low cost of $0.025 per minute. Pro plan users need to upgrade their account to purchase additional call minutes.

Lots of Ways to Use the Dialer

Anyone who needs to make a list of calls will find the dialer to be a fast, easy way to organize their work. Small business professionals in customer service, billing & collections, research, member services, fund raising, and sales will discover the Contact Dialer saves them time and increases contact rates.

If you’re already a BellesLink customer, log into your account and start using the dialer today. We’ve created a series of tutorial videos to help you get started.

If you’re new to BellesLink, watching our video demo is a good place to start.