The Dashboard-A Place to Start Your Work

We’ve added a dashboard that gives you an organized place to start your skip tracing work with easy access to all BellesLink tools

Effective people search needs good organization. That’s the idea behind the BellesLink platform dashboard. The dashboard is a place to start your work.

Dashboard Overview

Watch the video to get a complete overview of how you can use the dashboard as a starting point for all your people search work.

Access to all the BellesLink tools

The dashboard includes links to all the BellesLink tools, organized to match the Find & Contact workflow we recommend for our customers.

The Find & Contact workflow

  1. Start with a search, either batch search or people searches
  2. Create contacts, either from search results or an imported list
  3. Make calls. Call your contacts or use the Contact Dialer to call a group.
  4. Send texts. Send two-ways texts to individual contacts or send bulk text to a group.
  5. Organize your work with tags, notes, and reminders,
  6. Export your final contact groups for use in other parts of your business.

The Find and Contact funnel diagram

Learn new tools through tutorials

BellesLink has a wide range of tools. Each one is made to help you find and contact your next customers. At the top of every dashboard section is a link to video tutorial to help you get started using that tool in your workflow.

 Launch the Call Monitor

Use the Open Call Monitor link in the dashboard Calls section to monitor and answer your incoming calls.

Keep reminders in focus

Never miss a ToDo item in BellesLink. A preview of your upcoming reminders are listed on the dashboard. Use the View All link to just to the reminders page to see all the details.

Check your account levels

The account section of the dashboard shows you how many searches, call minutes, and texts are remaining in your account, so you’ll always know you’ve got enough for your work. Use the purchase link to add more.

Learn about all BellesLink features

The BellesLink platform has many features to help you find and contact customers. Take a look at the other features that are included with a free Basic account, a Pro plan, or a Business plan.