People Search Stacking: How to Use Single Searches

A man using people search stacking to find the phone number of a business owner.

Let’s talk about how to do people search stacking. Search stacking means using multiple single searches to drill down to the information you need to contact the customer.

People search stacking is excellent for businesses that are doing asset recovery like tax overages, asset location, recruiting, and of course, real estate investing.

We’ll look at two specific scenarios to see how search stacking works. One, searching for a business owner and two, searching a family trust. It’s important to remember that businesses and family trusts cannot be searched using batch searches. They must be searched using single searches, and stacking searches together is the best way to find the information you need.

Video Tutorial: People Search Stacking

People Search Stacking to Find Business Owners

Let’s dive in and look at Search Stacking to find a business owner. We’ll search for contact information for the owner of Smith Properties LLC.

The search stack we’ll use will be a business search first, and then we’ll take some information from that search and use it in a people search. Using these two searches together, like a recipe, is what we call search stacking.
A people search stacking recipe for finding business owners.

Start with a Business Search

We’ll start by doing Business Search on a business name and the business address. What we’ll get back will look like this.

On the left side, we’ll have some information about the business. What we’re looking for is the name of an officer or registered agent. When a name is hyperlinked, that means we can link straight to a People Search, the second search in our stack.
Using a business search to learn how to find LLC owners

Stack a People Search

Click on People Search to perform the second search and load the people search result. You’ll notice that this result returned 21 total results. That means we didn’t find a single best result. When this happens, you’ll need to look through each of the results to find the one that matches best.
Image showing people search result for an LLC owner search

When I look through this result, I see the business address in this person’s address history. So I can be confident this is the Thomas Smith that is the registered agent for the business.

A People Search returns a very rich search result. It includes the phone numbers and information I need to get in contact with this person. If I cannot reach them, I could also search a relative or associate in order to make contact.


Watch the tutorial video learn other ways to using people search stacking to find a phone number for a business owner.

People Search Stacking to Find a Family Trust

Let’s try a different search stack to find contact information for a family trust. Real estate investors often run into the challenge of finding the name and phone number of a family trustee. Here’s one method you can use.

People search stacking recipe for family trusts.

The Search Stack we’ll use will be a Property Search first, then we’ll take information from that result and do a People Search.

Start with a Property Search

In our example, the family trust name is Jackson Family Trust. The trick is to use only the last name of the trust, plus the address, to perform our search. On a property search, you’ll see a last name is required and an address is required, but the first name isn’t required. That’s what allows us to use this technique.
Locating a family trust with a property search

So we’ll enter last name and address into the property search. We’ll get back results that include some basic information about the property as well as the recorder and assessor records.

What we’re looking for in this result is some new information we can use to refine our next search. We’re not going to get a good result from a People Search with just a last name and address.

Looking at the Property Search result, we see a most recent buyer and a most recent seller. Often the most recent seller will list a full name and that’s what we want. Bingo.
Locate a family trust property search results

Stack a People Search

Now we’ve got a full name that we can combine with the address to do a more accurate People Search.

This search also returned multiple results. To find the person I’m looking for, I scan through each result. I find a match on the name and a match on the address in the address history, so I can be certain this is the right person.
Locating a family trust with a people search

When searching a family trust, the person who was the last seller may be the senior person that trust was created for. That is probably not the best person to contact. So look at the list of relatives to find someone who would be a better contact. You can stack a second people search by clicking on the hyperlinked names.

Watch the tutorial video learn other ways to using people search stacking to find a contact person and a phone number for a family trust.

Stacking Single Searches Uncovers Information

So that’s a quick overview of how to stack people searches to find phone numbers for business owners and family trusts. When you can’t use a batch search and you need to dig a little deeper to contact someone, use several single searches to find the information you need.

The searches we used, Business Search, Property Search, and People Search, are available in all our subscription plans. Signup today and get started.

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