The App for the Business of Finding People

The Business of Finding People

When finding people is your business, phone calls are an important part of your work. But, how do you make and receive calls, for the cases you’re working, wherever you are?

The Problem with Burner Phones

Many pros carry a second burner-phone just for business. This works because you have a mobile number you can give out for call-backs. But, carrying a second phone is expensive and inconvenient. Worst of all, your call records are locked in that phone and can’t be saved to your case or shared with your team. This wastes time, wastes money, and is a compliance liability.

Some people use a personal mobile number for business. This makes a bad impression when your subject calls you back if you answer the phone with a casual greeting. And again, all your call records are stuck on that phone.

Belleslink Mobile is Better

The BellesLink’s mobile app is a better solution to this problem. It’s the app made for the business of finding people.

With BellesLink Mobile, you can get all your calls on any device. Everything you do in the app syncs to your BellesLink account. You can make and receive calls, text and voicemails using your BellesLink numbers and Caller IDs. It’s multiple phones, right on your smart phone. Learn more on our apps page.

Download the app for free from iTunes and Google play.

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Need a BellesLink Account?

If you don’t already have a BellesLink account, request an online demo to learn how BellesLink can help you find people faster.