A Better Burner Phone for Business

A burner phone for business - BellesLink.
We all have times when our business needs to contact someone, a seller on Craigslist for example, but we don’t want to use our personal phone number. Or, maybe our business works with sensitive information, such as debt collection, financial investment, or skip tracing, and we want to keep our business identity private.

In these situations business often use a regular burner phone, such as a pre-paid cellphone or a burner phone app. Both of these solutions work for occasional calls. But, they don’t work well for businesses that need to make these types of calls frequently.

If your business needs to protect its identity when making calls and sending texts, be aware of the risks of using a pre-paid cellphone or an app.

The Bad and the Better of Burner Phones

The downside of pre-paid cellphones and burner apps

Best practices for skip tracing and the business of finding people are not supported by the regular burner phone solutions, leaving your company at risk. These risks include:

  • Fixed phone numbers-It’s best use unique local numbers for each case or each city you’re working. Pre-paid cell phones and burner apps give you just one phone number.
  • Fixed Caller ID-Changing the caller ID of your burner number for each case is another best practice. This keeps your identity protected and increases the answer-rate. Caller IDs on cell phones and apps are fixed for each number and can’t be changed.
  • Weak Privacy and Security-Call records on cell phones and burner apps are stored on the device. If the device gets lost your records are gone, the privacy of your business, your clients and your cases is at risk. Using a cloud-based service is more secure.

Better burner phone essentials

For privacy, security, and productivity there are few things pro skip tracers look for in their burner phone.

  • Business ready-Skip tracers want local and toll-free numbers they choose for calling and texting, as well as voicemail, batch calling and call recording, for a complete phone solution.
  • Call control-Pros want number by number control over caller ID, call forwarding, greeting and voicemail messages in order to get the best call results.
  • Cloud security=Saving call records, voicemail and recordings automatically in the cloud is how skip trace pros avoid the risk of loosing sensitive data when they loose their phones.

A Burner for Business

If you’re in the business of finding people, such as a repossessor, avoid using the regular burner solutions made for personal calls. Look for something with fewer risks, something that is made for business calls, like BellesLink.

BellesLink is a better burner phone for business. It’s is a phone and database platform made for skip tracing. It includes business essentials, like: local & toll-free numbers, caller ID control, text, email, call-recording, public records database searches, and a case manager to help you keep track of everything. BellesLink runs securely in the cloud and on any device with apps for desktop, tablet and mobile.

If your business is using a burner phone to protect its identity when making calls and sending texts, be sure the phone you’re using isn’t leaving you at risk because of inflexible numbers and IDs or weak privacy. We encourage you to take a look at BellesLink and compare it against the phone you’re using today. Click here to request a demo.