BellesLink vs. Google Voice and Caller ID Spoofing

Every month BellesLink does a customer webinar to share product news, tips and techniques. During a recent webinar two big questions came up:

  1. Why would I pay for BellesLink when I can get Google Voice for free? What’s the difference?
  2. Why not use caller ID spoofing?

Paul Kulas took the chance to highlight the reasons caller ID spoofing and free phone services, like Google Voice, won’t get you good results. We thought we’d share his answer with you.

According to Paul, beside being non-compliant, cell phone pinging and caller ID spoofing have a lot of weaknesses that make them a poor choice for the business of finding people.

  • When spoofing, you have to keep calling until somebody answers the phone. It wastes your time.
  • If you’re on the phone call and the call is dropped, the person can’t call you back.
  • If the call is dropped, you can’t call them back. At least not without explaining, one more time, why you’re calling from their Mom’s phone number. So, the lead is burned.
  • You can’t leave messages to get a call-back. The caller ID they see on the call-back won’t match the original call, making it suspicious and burning your lead.
  • You can’t easily keep track your calls and the work you’ve done. You have to manually track your calls.

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