Virtual Number Services: A Good Option for Investigators and Repossessors?

virtual number services for skip tracing, repossessions and investigationsVirtual number services such as Google Voice, uReach, Ring Central, or others, lack versatility, flexibility, integration and pricing that works in your favor. Also, they are not designed exclusively for skip tracing and investigations.

The Limitations

With virtual number services there are limitations – restrictions that are not apparent when you take a look at their advertising and websites. Some of these services, calculate cost per user, and a user is defined as each device used to access the service. If you access the service from your landline, cell phone and a website, that low cost they advertise isn’t low at all – it just triples.

Free also has limitations – whether it is the way you can use the service, the options offered, or what you give up in return for the use of the service. Google recently made headlines when it was revealed that they routinely scan the contents of emails in order to deliver targeted advertising – both to the user and the recipient of emails and since voice transcriptions are emailed – that information is is captured and used. Do you really want to use a service for sensitive work that makes it clear, that your data is not protected?

Use restrictions of the virtual numbers make it impossible for you to do your job effectively. A company’s policy might be that you can’t use an alias or pretext – that would be a misrepresentation according to their terms and is prohibited. If you use the telephone to “gather information about others,” then your are in violation of their terms of service. So you can’t call neighbors and gather information — you can’t even use their service to verify information — because to verify is a form of gathering information!

BellesLink is Designed For Skip Tracing and Investigations

BellesLink’s restrictions are designed so that you remain in compliance – that you do not deliberately or inadvertently create a situation that would cause regulatory scrutiny.

These virtual number services are not designed for investigators and skip tracers. All you have to do is look on their website. Do you see your business reflected in their services? No, you don’t. You’re locked into one number, using more than one number increases your cost.

BellesLink provides you with three numbers at the lowest plan level, and they can be any combination of toll-free and local numbers. Local numbers can be switched for another local number once a week for free – and that provides flexibility when working cases in other areas. It’s easy to change toll free numbers – a quick call or email to our office is all it takes.

BellesLink comes with features not available from virtual number services:

  • 91+ professionally recorded Programs, and you also have the option of recording your own Program.
  • You can record messages that play to specific incoming numbers, based on what the caller enters, or to groups of numbers.
  • Incoming calls can be routed to one or several numbers in succession.
  • On outgoing calls, you decide which BellesLink number appears to callers in the caller ID screen.
  • You can even add your own numbers to use.

BellesLink is a communications system designed for your business, and your unique needs. The features we offer have been developed over years of service to investigators and skip tracers. Our customers often have suggestions about improvements – and if we think those improvements will help everyone, we’ll add them to the system – sometimes the same day! You don’t get close to this level or service from one of the virtual number providers we mentioned. Try calling Google Voice — for anything. Good luck even finding their phone number!

There is no catch with BellesLink, we don’t hide anything with fancy advertising. You can login from anywhere, use BellesLink from any device you want. You can even share logins if you want to. With BellesLink, there is no fine print.

With BellesLink, your data and communications are protected. What are you missing and what could you be saving? Take a look at our comparison chart and find out. Download it now.

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