Virtual Number Services: What is the Catch and the Cost?

virtual number services connect with skips, subjects and targetsAs an investigator or auto repossessor you need tools that work for you, not against you, with the kind of support and resources to efficiently close cases. Virtual number services are not built for investigations or skip tracing and support is not easy to come by.

Hello? Anyone There?

When you are having problems with a virtual number try calling uReach, Google (good luck with finding their phone number), Ring Central, or whatever else you’re using for advice on how to use their service for investigations or skip tracing. Can you call them and get networking information? Try calling after hours or on weekends. If you ask them for anything other than what you owe, or the functions of what they offer, they’re probably not going to be much help.

Also, there is a catch in how these services advertise “Unlimited.” If you read the fine print, unlimited doesn’t mean limitless. It means their definition of fair use – use it too much and you get billed. It may, also, be only for the trail period or ‘normal use’ or’ normal business use.’ The limitations of “unlimited” will cost you money – all of a sudden you get a big bill for what you thought was an “unlimited service.”

BellesLink understands your business, because it’s all we do. We don’t sell to consumers, telemarketers, health care, retail, or sales people. BellesLink is designed exclusively for skip tracing and investigations. When you call us, you’ll get what you need and more. With BellesLink you get much better results, for much lower cost.

Did you know virtual number services all have language preventing the use of autodialing, machine dialing or predictive dialing?

Call Scheduling Lowers Costs

BellesLink comes with a Call Scheduler. We can show you how using call scheduling results in saving you time and money. Our Call Scheduler allows more contacts to be made in a shorter period of time, it makes contact for lower costs. BellesLink Call Scheduling gets your message to the people you need to contact, fast, and at much lower cost than making contact yourself – both with calls and texts.

BellesLink is unique, like no other. You simply can’t get what you get from us elsewhere:

  • toll-free and local numbers
  • text messaging
  • call recording
  • Custom time schedules can be created so that you can choose not to be disturbed.
  • outbound caller ID name
  • the ability to link all communications to a case
  • plus more, all designed specifically for your business.

Find out how our services and costs compare to most database people searches and virtual number services. Download our Costs Comparison guide. Even if they are free, they are costing you more than you can afford and providing little of what you need.