The Flippening and More New Features

We’re two weeks into the new year and we want to update you on all the new things we’ve added to BellesLink in the past month. Throughout 2020 we’ve been re-making BellesLink as a mobile friendly skip tracing platform built around our Contact Manager CRM.

This month we crossed a major milestone, code named “The Flippening”, when we switched from our web application framework to a new mobile-first framework. This means we can now speed up development on a wide range of new features and improvements that will help you find and contact your next customers.

For the next six months you may see some work-in-progress as we make changes and rollout new features, so please pardon our dust. Let’s take a look at everything that’s new this month.

A New Way to Place Calls

This month we launched an all-new Place Calls page that is integrated with the Contact Manager. If you call a number that is assigned to a contact in your account, BellesLink will automatically display the contact record on the right side of the screen.

While on the call you can add and review notes, set tags, and set the number status: good, wrong number, disconnected.

Call a Number

The Place Calls page is the way to manually make a phone call. Just enter the number to call and choose your BellesLink number. You can choose to record the call if you wish.

Call a Contact

Search all the contacts in your account to find the number you want to call. You can search on all the information in a contact, including custom fields and tags.

Recent Calls

If you want to call back a contact you recently called, use the Recent Calls list to quickly make the call. You can also link to the full Call Activity page to see incoming and outgoing calls, voicemails, recordings, and missed calls.

Call Activity Integrated with the Contact Manger

To keep track of all your incoming and outgoing calls, voicemails, and call recordings, use the all-new Call Activity page. Call activity is now integrated with the Contact Manager. So, just like the Place Calls page, calls from numbers that are assigned to a contact in your account will automatically show the name of the contact.

The new call activity page integrated with the contact manager.

Assign a Number to a Contact

Calls from numbers not already assigned to contacts can easily be added or a new contact created for them. Use the contact button to choose the right contact or create new one.

Filter and Search Calls

You can now filter you call activity list by name or phone number to quickly find a call. You can also search your calls by number, extension, date, and your own BellesLink number, to find the call you’re looking for.

New Login Location

As part of our platform updates we have moved the login to the BellesLink web app to Use the Login link on the top right of the website.

Login at

Mobile Friendly – No App Needed

With the switch to our new web app framework, you can use your BellesLink account on your mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Make and receive calls and texts, do searches and manage your contacts from any web—enabled device you choose.

Nearly 90% of the BellesLink platform has been updated for easy mobile access, but we still have a few legacy pages waiting to be improved. In another 60 days, everything will be updated and mobile responsive.

There Is More to Come

Wow! That’s a for the first two weeks of the new year and we’re just getting started. BellesLink will continue to improve, every 2-4 weeks, all through 2022 and beyond. Lots ahead!

We post new information to our tutorials page to keep you up to date. It’s the first place to go to learn about new features.