Should You Go Pro?


As you might know, we just launched our new Pro subscription plan. It includes skip tracing searches, phone, text, and our CRM all for just $9.95 per month. The response has been through the roof! Lots of customers are loving it because at price of just $9.95 per month the Pro Plan is a great fit for businesses that don’t skip trace everyday

We’ve gotten questions asking for more detail on what’s included in the pro plan. so I’m going to take a few minutes and walk you through it.

Going Pro for Skip Tracing

It used to be that skip tracing was hard and expensive. It was only the big companies that had access to the best public records information and they paid a fortune for it.

That’s all changed. Now companies of all sizes, companies like yours, can use BellesLink to get access the best public records data and find current phone numbers and addresses quickly and affordably.

BellesLink makes the best skip tracing data searchable, useful, and affordable. It’s been a game changer for many small businesses.

BellesLink has cut my search time in half. I’m getting better results than with any other skip tracing program I’ve used.
Debbie Becker, Miller & Associates, Inc

So let’s walk through what’s included in the new Pro Plan.

Skip Tracing Searches

Skip tracing starts with searching on public records data.

The Pro Plan includes 30 search credits per month that you can use for any of our Premium or Standard searches.

If you need more you can buy them at any time. When you purchase additional search credits they never expire.

We work really hard to give you the best data available. If you can’t find a current phone number in BellesLink, it probably doesn’t exist in any database.

Batch Search

Everybody loves our Batch Search tool because it only returns good phone numbers. You won’t waste your time calling disconnected numbers.

It’s perfect for real estate investors who want to skip trace a whole list of properties. Like all BellesLink searched it’s completely self-serve, you can use it anytime, 24/7. You just upload your spreadsheet and get your results within hours.

Business Phone System

Skip tracing is about getting in contact with someone. You’re going to need to make phone calls and send texts. BellesLink has all that built in. It’s a complete business phone system, made for skip tracing.

Most people don’t realize how important a good phone system is for skip tracing. They use their mobile phone and that makes a bad impression.
Paul Kulas, BellesLink

Did you ever miss a message from a lead because your mobile phone voicemail box was full? That doesn’t happen with BellesLink.

Do people hang up without leaving you a message because your voicemail greeting sounds like a mobile phone? Our auto attendant can be set up with custom messages so even if you can’t answer, your business sounds professional and your leads get the information they need.

Mobile App

You can even use our mobile app for phone calls and texts from your BellesLink local number. When you can’t answer a call in the office, you can forward it to the app. The app is like a second phone on your mobile phone.

Skip Tracing CRM

To help you keep track of all your work BellesLink has a skip tracing CRM where you can save searches, calls, texts, phone numbers, call recordings and notes.

Live Customer Support

Lastly, and probably most importantly, the Pro Pan includes live customer support. If you have a question or problem just call and we’ll be there to help.

Everything You Need for Skip Tracing

OK. That’s everything that’s include in the Pro Plan. It’s a great fit for businesses that don’t skip trace everyday. You get the best quality data and everything you need for skip tracing.

To sign-up for the Pro Plan go to We look forward to putting skip tracing to work for your business.